The Wolves of Time

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The Wolves of Time is a series written by William Horwood. The first book, Journeys to the Heartland, was published in 1995, and the second, Seekers at the WulfRock, in 1997. The story was originally intended to be three books. The second book (which was to be titled Wanderers of the Wolfways) was scrapped subsequent to a publishing dispute involving the first book, and the series as published is a duology.

A German and Dutch translation for both books was published in 1998 and 1999.

Plot and characters[edit]

Set in the near future, the series details the rise and return of the (physically non-morphic) wolf after 1000 years of decline as Mennen (humans) utterly destroy themselves in a cataclysmic world war. The series delves into the fall of the wolf god, Wulf, 1000 years prior, his fate and a far-flung smattering of wolves destined to bring about his return -- the Wolves of Time.

There are two chief groups of villains in the story: the Magyars, an evil and twisted wolf pack and Mennen. Mennen and Magyars intermingle to their twisted means.

The main characters in the story are Klimt, who suffers terrible loss at the hands of Mennen and, in revenge, breaks the wolves' most sacred rule forbidding attacks upon Mennen; Elhana, a powerful ledrene who admires Klimt's leadership but desires Aragon; Aragon, a very strong and capable leader by his own right who generally serves as beta, but lacks Klimt's experience and brings chaos to the pack due to his desires for the Elhana; Jicin, a low-ranking female and outcast daughter of the evil Magyars' ledrene who loses ledreneship of the Wolves of Time pack to Elhana but maintains mutual feelings for Klimt; Kobrin, a large, powerful and accomplished Russian wolf warrior who gives the Wolves of Time their sharpest and most loyal teeth; and Tervicz, who becomes the first to meet Klimt and becomes his loyal, trusted advisor. The chief villains are Dendrine, the vile, cruel and brutal ledrene of the Magyars; her mate, Hassler ; and the vile, cruel and brutal Mann, Huntermann, who brings about a cataclysmic war among the Mennen that becomes their downfall (and enabling the wolves to rise again).

The story does contain some very harsh scenes and is not for children.

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