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The Wild was a sim in Second Life that primarily catered to furries interested in fat, inflation, macrophilia and hypertrophilia. It was owned by Shaun Reveal throughout its existence and run by Solex, Tombfyre and Vincent Schreiner. Notable locations included a large sandbox and a large tree in the centre of the sim, that acted as a warp point and shopping complex.


Most of the group who founded The Wild were originally in the Burns sim, who split off to create their own sim in late 2005. The Wild was originally themed around the video game Myst on the wishes of Reveal. In 2008, a schism developed on the server between the furries who initially founded the sim and those opposed to the fetishization of the region. It was at this time that Reveal stopped using Second Life, leaving the sim in control of the moderators.

By mid-2009 the remaining moderators decided to rebuilt the Wild - which had remained virtually unchanged since being founded in 2005 - removing abandoned plots and creating new public areas, as well as building a new version of the iconic tree. In early 2010, Tombfyre placed an offer to buy the sim from Reveal; Reveal ultimately rejected the offer. Reveal closed the sim in mid-2010. Many remaining Wild users moved to Phucket Resort and later Pixel Hills, after the former also closed.

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