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The Whistler (formally known as Jack Taylor) is a homosexual amateur artist and writer from Houston, Texas, USA, who primarily socializes via SoFurry.

The Whistler is in an open relationship as of April, 2016.


The Whistler's fursona is a dhole (Cuon alpinus) named Jack Taylor. Jack is 5'10", about 180 lbs, muscular, with numerous whip scars across his back and his belly. He also has a Lichtenberg figure scar on his right shoulder that branches over both his right shoulder blade and his right pectoral. The dhole also brandishes the Army insignia on his left pectoral, and the golden arrows of the Special Forces with their motto, "De Oppresso Liber", on his right pec. He also carries the abbreviation "S.O.A.R." on the inside of his left bicep (S.O.A.R. stand for Special Operations Aviation Regiment).

Jack was a helicopter pilot with the 160th S.O.A.R., before that flying in the 101st Combat Aviation Regiment. Jack is described by The Whistler as a troubled veteran that suffers severe post-traumatic stress.

Creative works[edit]

The Whistler does not accept commissions. As of May, 2016, his work-in-progress is a horror/supernatural novel called "The Dead Among Us," featuring cover art by himself. The novel is in story-progression form, and The Whistler uploads chapters individually in a folder. The novel features the fursonas of his friends for use as characters in the story, as well as a few of his own original characters.

The Dead Among Us is essentially a zombie story that follows a group of survivors who take residence in a military base, and then face increasingly difficult conflicts the longer they stay. So far, the novel has received little attention from anyone outside of his circle of friends, but the Whistler remains adamant about continuing the novel no matter what.

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