The Wanderer

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The Wanderer is a limited series furry comic set in the fantasy world of Aquillia. The creators behind The Wanderer are Krahnos, and writer James Clapton. The Wanderer appeared in FurNation Magazine #2 and #3.


A civil war brews between forces loyal to the current queen, and those who oppose a female on the throne. Caught in the midst of this are three 'wanderers', who have been forced from family or friends for their own reasons.


The 3 wanderers[edit]

  • Sabre - A brilliant swordswolf who works for the King's rangers. His past is mysterious, and possibly violent.
  • Acorn - A deer archer, whose own sexual orientation made him an outcast from his people. He is Sabre's working partner within the Rangers.
  • Rophin - A young coyote bard who is first seen being raped by a group of thieves. He and Acorn seem to have a deep attraction to each other.

Other characters[edit]

Other major characters include:

  • The Bishop of Kellersbury - A black panther who has designs on the throne himself.
  • Palastin - A cougar who is a ruthless cutthroat and the son of a baron who controls the thieves guild.
  • Mandrake - A male warthog who is in charge of the Rangers unit in which Sabre and Acorn are stationed.

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