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The Union is a forum-based roleplaying site. The Union takes place some 500 years after Fur Future, which had replaced Redwall 3000.[1]


The Union takes place in the year 3503, 500 years after Fur Future.

In 3065, the COURAGE rebellion was victorious in overthrowing Morthid, creating "The Union of Redwall", ending the reign of the Redwall Empire's first and only emperor. With that, their democratic vision of peace and prosperity was fulfilled. For twenty years.

Soon after the victory, a fox-centric religious movement started up, where foxes were considered to be the children of the gods, or "Princes of the Universe". This movement quickly gained power, and within a few decades, all leaders of the Union were foxes. Slowly, over time, the foxes cemented their supremacy in the public mind, escalating fox leaders of the COURAGE rebellion to god status and removing the non-foxes from history. A family-line of emperorship was established, and the last remaining semblances of a democracy were reserved only for foxes.

In 3285, The Union discovered spaceflight, and colonized another world, putting it's prisoners and religious heretics there. This didn't last, and in 3305, the colony rebelled, lead by several members of the Desot family. Fifty years of bloody war resulted, and after a failed nuclear strike by The Union, the planet was given independence, becoming the Democratic Republic of Redwall, or simply The Republic. For over a hundred years, relations between the two sides improved, although they both still built up their military. During this time, the Desot family also increased it's power over the Republic, becoming the De Facto "royal family" for the colony.

In 3457, The Union conquered the forbidden lands, a section of land from where noone had returned. There they discovered humans, and the real reason behind their creation - not gods, but genetic experimentation. Humans were labeled heretics and a crusade was launched to wipe them out. The republic offered them shelter, shattering the peace.

During this time, a group from both The Union and The Republic took up refuge in the asteroid belt, calling themselves the "Coalition of Traders", and began making a living by piracy - although for the most part, coalition raids result in few, if any casualties. Smaller groups broke off at one point or another, forming their own societies, and are often blamed by the Coalition for the numerous bloody pirate attacks that do occur in the belt.

In 3501, the emperor of the Union died, bringing his second eldest son into power. His oldest son, a black fox, resented this, and began a small rebellion, funded by the Republic, to eventually take his place. His is not well-trusted by some of the non-fox members of the rebellion.

In 3503, following a failed raid on what was thought to be a Union supply depot, but really turned out to be a research lab, the Union declared war on the Republic, citing proof of the Republic's involvement in the rebellion through the involvement in the raid of Paris Desot.



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