The TNSC Community

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The TNSC Community
Author(s) Site Founder: Drako Tags
  • Admins: The DWS Team
Status Closed - Replaced by Drako's Den
  • Seeking Admins to join The DWS Team
Launch date 2000
End date 2015
Genre Multimedia archive
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The TNSC Community, also known as "TNSC" and "The New Site of Creativity", was a smaller community website that focused on the celebration of all forms of creativity. The site was originally formed in 2000 by Drako Tags, and is now maintained by Tags's Website Services.

TNSC has been known to cater to people from all backgrounds, but has recently begun to focus on catering to the furry fandom.

As of April 20, 2015, The TNSC Community closed down and has been replaced by The Drako's Den Community.


TNSC was initially created in 2000 as a christian-based online radio station[1] . By 2002, TNSC had expanded to become a full community. This lasted only a few years while Tags began exploring his own identity. This self-exploration served to lead TNSC to change views by 2004, and become a freedomist website, allowing for adult themes and content.

TNSC was rebuilt and expanded in 2005 as part of a multi-service split that led to the creation of Drako's Website Services. Up until this time, TNSC had done the work now offered by Drako's Website Services, and had affiliated with Tags's own personal website to offer adult-oriented forums and image sharing.

Tags, founder of all three sites, felt that his own website should focus on being a personal information page about himself. He continues to edit and expand the page extensively, even as it is now hosted and run by Drako's Website Services.

Part of the 2005 expansion and rebuild of TNSC was in response to Fur Affinity's unannounced and prolonged downtime. Though FA was only down for a few days, TNSC experienced an increase in popularity and a slight spike in traffic. During this time, TNSC was on a non-redundant host that allowed adult images, themes, and content.

TNSC was moved to a new host and rebuilt again in 2007 in response to the old host unexpected downtime. FTP access was still allowed, but the site itself was inaccessible. The previous data that had been on TNSC was nearly entirely lost, but The DWS Team recreated all old content that TNSC had to offer and began to re-advertise itself as the "New TNSC Community- By the People, For the People".

As of 2010, TNSC has completely broken free from its christian roots, being a website about full freedom of expression, and active celebration of creativity. TNSC, founded by a furry, tends to target furries as the primary component of it's user base. However, TNSC allows anyone furry or not to be a member, so long as they are open-minded, and are there to have fun, and not cause drama.

In 2014, DWS attempted to close down TNSC and replace it with a more furry-centered website. The initial name of the new site was proposed to be YFF (Yiffy Furry Fun), but quickly changed to CFF (Creative Furry Fun), after the new name began an uproar surrounding the quality and integrity of the website and its constituents. CFF ran for about two weeks before TNSC was completely rebuilt, citing sources that none of TNSC's Original Traffic and users were moving onto the new domain.

Shortly after the YFF/CFF fiasco, TNSC's primary domain began experiencing stability issues, which led to DWS moving the site to a brand new domain ( This domain has since had issues, returning TNSC to its original domain ( may be used as a backup domain if any more issues arise.

As of April 20, 2015 TNSC has been closed down and replaced by Drako's Den.


The TNSC Community offers:

  • Art contests
  • TNSC Radio and music sharing
  • Chat rooms
  • Forums with an adult-oriented section
  • Gallery that hosts images, artwork, and videos
  • Library that hosts stories and poetry
  • Clubs FFA
  • Free software downloads
  • Games
  • Online messenger services
  • Shopping
  • Free e-Mail service

TNSC Art Contests[2][edit]

TNSC hosts an art contest every month. The contest allows anyone to submit anything related to that months theme. The submissions are then voted on by site visitors and a winner is announced on the 1st of each month. Users are also encouraged to submit art contest theme ideas. There is some slight controversy in the way the art contest is run, since anyone can submit anything-whether they created it or not. To combat this, The TNSC Art contest gives full rights only to the original artist, and links to the original art and artist respectively. TNSC's Art Contest Submissions are also hosted in a fashion where the entries are links to the image and artist and the winning submission's image is hosted on TNSC to act only as a thumbnail that links to the original work. This allows submissions to be anywhere on the internet, granted that TNSC can identify who the artist of the work is.

TNSC Radio[edit]

TNSC Radio allows users who create music to share it in a radio-like setup, guaranteeing listeners to all music. TNSC Radio is operated under a random rotation type system that ensures music is well shuffled and is fully cross browser compatible.

TNSC Chat[edit]

TNSC offers chat rooms for both General and Adult Discussions and roleplays.

TNSC Forums[edit]

TNSC Forums is actually 2 forums. TNSC-Kids Has its own forum separate from TNSC Proper.

TNSC Gallery[edit]

The TNSC Gallery is split up into the following:

General Art

Adult Art

General Photos

Adult Photos

TNSC also has a Library where users can share written works, and place to share videos.

The images are setup more like an image board of sorts. Users can post images and comment.

TNSC Mail[edit]

TNSC has partners with and offers my-syte e-mail to its users.

As of January 1st, TNSC announced on their blog that due to problems with my-syte's email services, they have decided to switch to partnering with Google for their email service.

Responses to Other sites[edit]

TNSC's webmaster staff, The DWS Team, have been known to send out personal blogs boasting TNSC's stability.

These responses have included blogs telling users of competing sites that have gone down that TNSC is still alive and well, and willing to take them in. Drako has done these sorts of blogs in response to all of Fur Affinity's downtimes, including the month-long one in 2008. He has even told people on his IM buddy lists about TNSC as a backup place for FA, since many of them were from FA to begin with.