The SuperFogeys

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The SuperFogeys
The Super Fogeys Logo.png
Author(s) Brock Heasley , Marc Lapierre
Update schedule Online
Launch date September 22, 2006
Genre Superheroes
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The Space Pig

The SuperFogeys is a webcomic created and written by Brock Heasley and illustrated Marc Lapierre]] that includes a few characters of furry interest.

Furry characters[edit]

Valhalla support staff[edit]

Space Pig, Vallhalla’s chief anesthesiologist, pees urine that will knock out any living creature for hours.

Miscellaneous villains[edit]

Guest stars[edit]

Clovis the Bear is a plush toy that talks . Clovis is on loan from Imagine This webcomic for an occasional appearance in SuperFogeys.

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