The Suburban Jungle

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The Suburban Jungle
Lvp cover.jpg

Cover of the 1st comic strip collection book
Author(s) John "The Gneech" Robey, with colors by K. "Hikaru" Dickinson.
Launch date 1 February 1999

The Suburban Jungle is a webcomic written and drawn by John "The Gneech" Robey and colored by K. "Hikaru" Dickinson. The strip is John's second effort, after NeverNever. It is currently hosted on Keenspot.

The Suburban Jungle is set in a fictional urban community and centers around the life of its star, Tiffany Tiger (a model/TV personality), and her circle of friends and associates. The comic's writing style combines light humor — mostly appropriate for all ages — with romance, and sometimes even adventure. Storylines are usually of the "slice-of-life" variety, chronicling Tiffany's ventures into the world of fashion and entertainment, her love life, and the lives of those she knows.

The world of The Suburban Jungle is like our own, but solely populated by anthropomorphic animals. Predation (in the style of Kevin and Kell) exists, but with many laws, written and moral, concerning where and when a kill may be made. While prominent in the early years of the strip (the author has been overheard saying "I just thought that was how furry strips were done"), this theme has been relegated to the background.

The Suburban Jungle was first published online 1 February 1999; the full archive is available on the web. Four books have been published by Plan Nine Publishing. The comic's schedule is irregular, and in September 2009 John announced the strip's upcoming retirement.[1] The comic ended in November 6, 2009[2]. A spinoff strip, The Suburban Jungle: Rough Housing, was started on March 3, 2014.


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The Watering Hole[edit]

The Watering Hole is the bar owned and operated by Leonard Lion. It has a strict "No Predation" policy, allowing predatory and prey species to mingle. It is also the social hub of the story, with many strips being set there, and many new characters being introduced there, as well as the occasional 'bad pick-up line theater' filler strips. Its employees over the life of the strip are:

The Watering Hole-in-the-Wall[edit]

The brainchild of Wensley and owned and operated by him and his brother, Ramses, The Watering Hole-in-the-Wall is found inside The Watering Hole and caters to those customers who are small in stature. It also has a strict "No Predation" policy, but there are no protections against being mauled by Ramses. Its employees over the life of the strip are:

MegaHuge ConGloMaCo/Amalgatronix Corp.[edit]

Tiffany, Dover, and Eddie worked in MegaHuge's I.T. department in the early years of the strip. It was bought out by Amalgatronix in late 2002, at which time everyone except Dover was fired by the new V.P. of Technology Lagston Swine without notice or severance pay. Dover was given Eddie's old position as I.T. manager and was left to fend for himself. Amalgatronix was dissolved by the S.E.C. in May 2004 when it was discovered that Lagston and ten other executives had forged financial documents to inflate the company's stock values, which ultimately led to Dover being unemployed again.

DeMontfort University[edit]

Originally the setting of Vince Suzukawa's webcomic The Class Menagerie, several characters have connections to the institution. Dover attended for short period before transferring to Tech after the incident that destroyed the top floors of Richter Hall, and currently teaches a night class in computer programming there. Kurt entered with Dover in 1992 and graduated in 1996, as did Comfort in 2004. Wally, who was a graduate student, and Mikey met in the school's library. Also, Tiffany and Comfort's half-brother Louis has recently enrolled.

Notable guest artists[edit]

There have been a number of times over the years that fan-art and guest artist strips were featured in the comic. Among the other artists that have contributor are a number of other web comic artists:

Publication history[edit]

Four books of the comic have been published by Plan Nine Publishing:

Three Large volumes that collect the entire series were later released via Furplanet:

The Plan Nine books, along with additional merchandise, were once available at Merchandise Maven. The three No Predation Allowed volumes are current available at Furplanet.


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