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The Sprawl
The Sprawl comic-20from banner.jpg
Author(s) DrawHolic
Update schedule Weekly (Wednesdays)
Launch date January 1, 2014
End Date Ongoing
Genre Science-fiction, Action, Horror, Dark Fantasy
Censor MA button.png

The Sprawl is a furry webcomic created by DrawHolic.[1] The comic launched on January 1st, 2014, updating with a new page every Wednesday. It was added to The Katbox as a co-host on September 28, 2017, part of the new 'Katbox After Dark' adult section.[2]


The Sprawl takes place in the fictional world of Tartarus, initially focusing on a survey team sent on a search-and-rescue mission to locate a missing expedition to the planet's southern ice cap. The mission is sabotaged early on and the team finds themselves stranded in the frozen wastelands near their destination. Soon after they find more violence and a greater mystery than they had counted on before the story changes focus to that of Liam O'Malley, a private investigator hired to protect an aging professor and his daughter from mysterious threats.

The comic includes nudity, sex and graphic violence. DrawHolic has stated that he considers The Sprawl to be an adult comic in the vein of Heavy Metal Magazine.[3]


Bonnie Schuul is one of the primary characters in the first act of the comic. She is a blonde, white furred anthropomorphic rabbit who is the first to discover the artifact which seems to be the source of the violence throughout the story.

Getta Garbo is a primary character in the first act of the comic as well as the only character from the first chapter to make an appearance in chapter two, delivering the artifact discovered during the expedition to Professor Bohte.

Liam O'Malley is a character in the second act of the comic. A tabby striped anthropomorphic feline and private investigator hired by Professor Bohte to protect himself and his daughter from mysterious threats.


Main article: Storyline of The Sprawl

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

"The Sprawl", a massive megastructure consuming a desolate world, its origins an interstellar colony ship which arrived nearly a thousand years earlier.

As the Sprawl expands, its inhabitants send out survey expeditions into the wastes. In the first LOG of The Sprawl, one such expedition disappears near the planet's southern ice cap a search and rescue mission is sent after them. The team arrives to find the expedition has been slaughtered, presumably by one of their own. As a blizzard descends on the camp site, the rescue team delves deep into the nearby caverns and finds the remaining expedition members dead, apparently having killed each other over a mysterious artifact hidden inside ancient ruins that should not exist. This glowing orb seems to be the source of the violence which killed the expedition and now grips the surviving members of the rescue team.

The Second LOG takes place over 12 years later. When a scientist is researching a mysterious artifact brought in from the wastes, they find themselves threatened by unknown attackers. Private investigator, Liam O'Malley, is hired to help find the source of these attacks, but when he arrives he finds everyone in the Professor's lab has been killed except for the scientist's daughter, Sibo. What's more, it seems the attackers are not yet gone.


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