The Secret Herds

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The Secret Herds. 1976 Tandem Publishing Ltd paperback.

The Secret Herds is a collection of animal stories by Joyce Stranger, illustrated by Douglas Reay. It was "First published in Great Britain by J. M. Dent & Sons, Ltd, 1974." In 1976 Tandem Publishing Ltd published a paperback with the ISBN 042611017X.[1]

The stories in the collection are:

  • Snow on Low Ground (about a male otter, Shala)
  • One Perfect Day (an old man's day watching wildlife)
  • The Secret Herds (an eagle and wildcat both desperate for prey)
  • The Wild Horses (in pre-Roman Britain, a boy, Edda, is the first to tame animals)
  • The Peregrine (a boy finds a strayed tame Peregrine falcon)
  • Terror on the Hill (Red Rufus, a grown male red fox)
  • The Outcast ("the story of a rare creature—a hummel—a stag that never grows antlers"[2])
  • Storm (a mother seal's attempt to protect her newborn from the force of a storm)
  • Shadows on the Hillside (a wildcat's first litter)
  • Fire in the Forest


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