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The Rush Limbaugh show, also known as the The Rush Limbaugh Program, was a conservative American talk radio show hosted by Rush Limbaugh on Premiere Radio Networks. Since its nationally syndicated premiere in 1988, The Rush Limbaugh Show had become the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States.

The Rush Limbaugh Show and furry[edit]

In January 2005, furries were referenced on a weekend edition of the show.

Prior to President Bush's 2005 inauguration, the New York Times and broadcast media repeatedly criticized the Republican party for planning an opulent event to commemorate his win when the U.S. was at war with Iraq. Some also suggested festivities were inappropriate on the heels of the 2004 Indonesian tsunami.

Rush Limbaugh responded by describing a furry convention (Further Confusion 2005, taking place the same weekend as the show) and quoting a talk show host's criticism of the inauguration in this new context.


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The Rush Limbaugh Show
Guess what folks... This weekend, 1,700 people - all of them animal lovers - are expected to gather at the furry convention in San Jose, California. The furries, for those of you who don't know - and I sincerely hope that that's most of you - are, er, people who love animals so much that they take on their identities and sometimes dress up like their animals.

You heard me right, folks. These humans take on the identities of the animals they love and sometimes dress up like them. It allows adults - grown-up human beings - and this is a quote, "a place to act out their interspecies fantasies." (1,700 of these people in one place...)

Lee Strom is one of the furry convention's founding fathers. He says just because it's weird, it's still perfectly normal to the people involved in it. He's 36, he wants to be a raccoon! The convention... (laughter) convention will have workshops for the furries: puppetry, costume making, writing about mythical creatures, and here's one I think ought to be videotaped: a workshop on furry anatomy. (Can you find it? Can you find it?)

Apparently some furries aren't waiting until the convention starts this weekend to act out their inter-species fantasies. A reporter caught up with Katie Matthew, 20, prancing through the lobby of a hotel dressed as a fox... she was prancing with other adults dressed as goats, tigers, other creatures. Katie likes the fun of dressing up and escaping into her made up animal character, which she calls "Shadow".

Alright folks, I only have one question. We've got a war going on and the tragedy of the tsunami. Isn't this furry convention a little bit too festive and too costly?

There's a real furball for you liberals, eh? Ha ha, "Shut 'em down! Shut 'em down, it's perverted!"[1]

The Rush Limbaugh Show


Xydexx, a furry fan, observed that the jibes put some anti-furries opposed to Rush's political views in the position of agreeing with him:

The Rush Limbaugh Show
I think the fact that Rush Limbaugh made fun of furries (he picked up that report after FC2005) may have played a big part in the ultimate demise of their brand of humor.[2]
The Rush Limbaugh Show

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