The Realm of Kaerwyn

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The Realm of Kaerwyn is an IRC-based roleplaying game by Jakkal, who is also the artist/co-creator of The Realm of Kaerwyn webcomic. It should be noted that the Public RP and the Comic Storylines are kept completely separate.

IC Information[edit]

Information about the world setting and mechanics.

The Story[edit]

The Realm of Kaerwyn is set on a nexus plane, a planet that acts as a hub between an undetermined number of interdimensional planes. As a result, countless races have converged on this planet, and formed a diverse settlement.

The majority of roleplay occurs around an inlet in a lake documented as approximately the size of Earth's Lake Superior. A small town, and a Tavern set a couple of miles outside it are primary play locations, though players are not limited to these locations.


A partial map of the Realm.

Kaerwyn is a planet that much resembles Earth in its climate and vegetation. The area of roleplay is primarily forest, surrounded on three sides by mountains, and the cape of a large lake to the north. With the exception of a few godlike dragons, none of Kaerwyn's inhabitants are native to the area (they "rifted" into the realm.)

  • The Tavern: This is where most RP takes place. Despite its rustic appearance, the two-story tavern carries quite modern technology. There are several bedrooms on the second floor, where newcomers can stay for seven days. The tavern serves primarily as a forum for discussion of happenings around the realm. Generally, this is where newcomers first appear. Characters arrive on Kaerwyn via interdimentional travel ( locally known as rifting ), and by accident as a rule. OOCly This happens due to the high amount of roleplay that occurs in this location.
  • The Town: This unnamed town ( although commonly referred to as Fegov Endai ) serves multiple purposes. Foremost, it is where many of the characters live. It is also dotted with shops of all varieties.
  • Dragon City Ruins: It was once the main 'city' the dragons used, but after a cataclysm, and the proximity of the mortals, they decided to leave the ruins as they were and rebuild their city elsewhere.
  • Rose Garden: A natural ampitheater that is filled with roses.

Many of the characters who reside in Kaerwyn are anthropomorphic in some fashion, though there is little limit to what species one may choose or create. Humans, Anthropomorphic animals, and werecreatures make up the majority of Kaerwyn's population.

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