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The Raccoon Gang was a semi-furry experimental music and poetry collective from Dundee in Scotland. Essentially a side project, they were formed in September 2006. The group was originally a trio consisting of composer Keeny Fox along with poet and lyricist CaveDweller, and keyboardist John "The Colourless". John left the group in 2007 when he moved away from Dundee, and The Raccoon Gang have since continued to function as a duo. They have made various genres of music usually recorded spontaneously and on the spot and have made eight albums and two EPs during their activity.

Their first album titled Walkabout Songs was recorded a day after their formation. While their earliest albums were popular among their fanbase, The Raccoon Gang's later album's weren't as well received due to lack of inspiration as they were recorded in multiple layers and lacked the same charm and originality of what had been made previously. This ultimately led the group to split in March 2009, with the main reason being that the side project had clearly run it's course and that the members as well as their fanbase had lost interest.

In 2010 The Raccoon Gang reformed and recorded their first album in over two years (and their seventh in total), titled Holiday On The Moon, which was much better received than most of their previous albums, kickstarting a modest comeback for the group. The themes of electro and hip hop were ditched in favour of darker and more progressive melodies and lyrical themes. In 2011 they recorded two more albums, Penultimum and Comfy And Easy To Wear before they again split due to a lack of communication and loss of interest. The group released a compilation album, The Complete And Ultimate Raccoon Gang afterwards.

The Raccoon Gang reformed again for their tenth album Build Me A Tank in 2013.

Originally one of the group's leading features was their mascot, a cartoon raccoon named Robin who was designed by KFox. Robin had made appearances on the group's first five album covers, but has not made any appearances since 2008, most likely as The Raccoon Gang has moved on from their cartoon and comedic past.


  • Walkabout Songs (2006)
  • The Great Raccoon Gang Grand Prix (2007)
  • The Foxes Of Suburbia (2007)
  • Magick Little Box Of Trixx (2007)
  • Eyewydniz Ringtail (2008)
  • Two-Tone Scratch-a-ma-fone (2008)
  • Holiday On The Moon (2010)
  • Penultimum (2011)
  • Comfy And Easy To Wear (2011)
  • Build Me A Tank (2013)

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