The Raccoon's Den

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The Raccoon's Den
TRD logo 2014.png
Author(s) Host: Bandit (Chris)
  • Co-Host: Ninja (Maddy)
  • Secondary Cast: Drake (Takehiro), Flash (Andre), Adria (Clockie)
Status Ongoing
Launch date July 17th, 2009
Genre Entertainment

The Raccoon's Den is a furry themed web show on YouTube hosted by Bandit the Raccoon, with Ninja as the co-host, and Drake, Flash and Clockie as secondary cast members.


The channel was created on July 17th in 2009 and was inactive until November 29th, 2009. The channel reached it's fourth season finale on May 26, 2013, and was on hiatus until September 22, when they released their first short film, "The Raccoon's Den: Another Goddamn Furry Movie". The web show is currently in it's sixth season, during which the channel pulled seasons one through three from public view (along with all other material posted during that timeframe, with the exception of "TAKEOVER FC! 2")[1]. On October 16th, the channel launched "Pawsome!", a podcast that is advertised to feature previous cast members Byrds, Daniel, Skiddy and Kai.

The web show runs in a series format (Seasons and Episodes), most of the early episodes consisted of vlogging, and displaying furry themed events. Since season two, most of the episodes have been taking place at The Prancing Skiltaire. Series specials of furry conventions, and short skits performed by various members of the cast have also been featured on the web show. An artist spotlight (exclusive to FurAffinity artists and albums) is featured on their website every week, along with other downloadable content.


  • Season 1 (1-15) November 29 2009 - May 9, 2010
  • Season 2 (16-29) July 12 2010 - February 13, 2011
  • Season 3 (30-46) March 13 2011 - May 20, 2012
  • Season 4 (47-60) June 10, 2012 - May 26, 2013
  • Season 5 (61-73) October 14, 2013 - June 5, 2014
  • Season 6 (74-Current) June 16, 2014 - Ongoing

Cast members (current)[edit]

TRD Group (from left to right): Drake, Ninja, Bandit, Clockie, Flash.
  • Bandit (Christopher Richard Parque-Johnson)

Bandit is the creator, host and graphic designer of the channel, he is usually the one behind the camera, and is the main editor of the episodes.

  • Ninja (Maddy Davis)

Ninja is an artist who was introduced as the new co-host during season six in episode 78, "Fursuits"[2] after Culpeo's departure.

  • Flash (Andre Steven Abreo)

Flash became a cast member on the channel in episode 42, "PRE-VDAY PARTY!"[3]. His first appearance was in Episode 2, "Talent Show [Part 2]", and his wedding with Jane was featured in Episode 64, "Merry Matrimony"[4]. Flash is currently the longest serving cast member in the entire series.

  • Drake (Takehiro Diaz)

Drake became a new cast member on the channel at the beginning of season five after his debut appearance in the short film "The Raccoon's Den: Another Goddamn Furry Movie"[5]. During season six he started his own block on the web show called "Drake's Corner", where viewers can submit questions and dares for him to respond to[6].

  • Clockie (Adria Bruneio)

Clockie is the concept artist of the channel who joined the cast at the beginning of season six, after Kai's departure in the previous season. She was featured in the advertisement for season six[7].

Another Goddamn Furry Movie (short film)[edit]

On September 22, 2013, the channel released "Another Goddamn Furry Movie", a short film that that takes place during the time the series was on hiatus (after ending it's fourth season)[8] The film follows the cast (mainly Bandit) as they attend various events, equipped with a new camera. Bandit and Culpeo give a short recap of the channel's past, two new cast members (Drake and Kai) join the crew, and Culpeo becomes the new co-host. The film declares the return of the group, and the beginning of season five.

Series specials (off season)[edit]

  • TAKEOVER FC! 2 is an 8-part series special of the channel that takes place at Further Confusion 2013[9]. The series special features clips from each day of the convention, including the fursuit parade, a running gag with Quix, a music video collage of the channel's past events, and more.
  • BLFC BASH! is a 3-part series special of the channel that takes place at Biggest Little Fur Con 2013[10] The series special features various interviews, clips of the fursuit parade and the dance competition. This was the last special on the channel.


  • Other News - "Other News" was an in-episode skit that started during the last few episodes of season two, where one of the cast members talk about something random in a "breaking news" manner. It was discontinued during season six to be replaced by "Drake's Corner".
  • Hidden Facts - "Hidden Facts" is an in-episode extra that displays 3 different facts at the end of an episode. This extra started on the second episode of season two, and currently over 170 facts have been displayed.
  • Raccoon Scraps - "Raccoon Scraps" are various comedy skits performed by the cast members, the segment had been inactive throughout the entire fifth season, but was recently brought back.
  • Drake's Corner - "Drake's Corner" is an in-episode block created by Drake to replace "Other News". Drake offers to answer questions, take on dares (both of which that are submitted to him by viewers), and discusses various topics.
  • Pawsome! - "Pawsome!" is the channel's new bi-weekly podcast that was launched during season six, the podcast is advertised to feature previous cast members Byrds, Daniel, Skiddy and Kai, with new episodes on Wednesdays.

Cast members (previous)[edit]

  • Skiddy (Crystal Olea)

Skiddy became a cast member during season three in episode 42, "PRE-VDAY PARTY!". She was the only cast member who was not part of the fandom at the time, and was replaced by Culpeo during season four in episode 50, "WTF IS THIS SHIT?". Skiddy later returns in episode 80, "AZFC 2014" as a guest[11], and now participates in the channel's new podcast, "Pawsome!".

  • Byrds (Kelly E.)

Byrds was a regular attendee of "The Prancing Skiltaire" who became the Co-Host of the channel during season two. Since then, she has appeared in most episodes during her time, and was replaced by Culpeo after season four ended. She was advertised to be featured in "Pawsome!", but has yet to make an appearance since her departure.

Daniel became a member of the cast during season three in episode 36, "Reaction Episode"[12]. Due to his rare appearances, he took over Byrds' role in "Other News" to make up for his absence until he moved to Modesto, CA before season four ended. He was later replaced by Drake after the end of the fourth season, but returned during season six to participate in "Pawsome!".

  • Kai (Brianne Delfs)

Kai was a cast member during season five, and has appeared numerous times during season four, prior to partnership. Her debut as a cast member was in the short film "The Raccoon's Den: Another Goddamn Furry Movie"[13]. She was replaced by Clockie in season six, but returned shortly after to participate in "Pawsome!", and has continued to make guest appearances throughout recent episodes.

  • Culpeo (Seanna Micaela Downey)

Culpeo became a member of the cast during season four in episode 50, "WTF IS THIS SHIT?"[14], as a replacement for Skiddy's position in the group, and was co-host from season five up until early season six where she was replaced by Ninja. While she is the only former cast member to be seemingly excluded from "Pawsome!", she appeared as a guest in episode 81, "A Furry Christmas" after supposedly making amends with the rest of the group[15].


The channel has featured 8 events up to date.

  • Califur (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Further Confusion (2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Biggest Little Fur Con (2013, 2014)
  • Arizona Fur Con (2014)
  • The Prancing Skiltaire
  • FurBQ (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • LMFAO (Lake Murray Furry Anthro Outing)
  • LA Griffith Park
  • The BamFox Lounge


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