The Purple Nurple

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The Purple Nurple is a location on FurryMUCK. It is a gay/lesbian/bisexual nightclub and meeting place, although straight people are welcome as well. Created by Slinky and Cargo, and operated by Cargo and later Rigel for several years. After an extended series of controversies and headaches in 1999-2000, it was operated by Bohor until January 2006. It is currently owned by Rigel again.

Upstairs from the nightclub are the Nurple Apartments, a popular form of accommodation for those who can stand the heavy dance music that thumps up from below. Beneath the nightclub are the cellars, the topic of several rumors - these are owned by Cargo but are now basically unmaintained.

On FurryMUCK, it can be reached with the command t tpn.

The Purple Nurple was also the name and theme for several main dance events held at ConFurence, Anthrocon and Further Confusion from 1997 to 2000.

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