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The Pridelands Chronicles (TPC) was a MUCK inspired by The Lion King. Originally, there were to be "four kingdoms (Ahadi's pride, plus three other major lands. The Outlands will be present, but won't be considered a pride until later on.)"[1] However, after an extended period of inactivity, the headwizard decided to try reopening the MUCK, and after discussion among potential players, The Pridelands Chronicles was revised to be set after the conclusion of the first film, featuring characters from The Lion King 2 as Feature Characters.[2]


Past wizards[edit]


  • The Pridelands - King Simba and Queen Nala
  • The Outlands - Queen Zira

Other groups[edit]

  • Graveyard Hyena Clan - Matriarch Shenzi
  • Min'men Meerkat Colony - Leader Timon (previously Lindani)


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  2. Interested In a LK MUCK? thread started by Shani.

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