The Oswald Chronicles

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The Oswald Chronicles
Author(s) JD Calderon
Update schedule Mondays - Fridays
Launch date  ?
End Date Continuing
Genre Fantasy

The Oswald Chronicles is a webcomic by JD Calderon.


The main characters of The Oswald Chronicles are:[1]

  • Oswald, a mysterious scribe, gentlemouse, and resident of 54th Street and Park Avenue. It is not known where he came from originally, or what his life was like before he reached his current home - he does not speak of where he came from or even how or when he learned how to speak and read.
  • Diane, a highborn Fae with considerable martial skill, who has shown a willingness to display it at a moment's notice. Diane lives on the mall with Oswald.
  • Ordith, a troll who lives behind a large brick on the north end of the mall. Ordith only comes out at night due to a curse that affects all trolls; if sunlight touches his skin, it turns to stone.
  • Jeremy, a young Redcap who lives on the mall on the south-side across the street from Oswald’s home. His cap is still white since he considers himself a pacifist and prefers to discuss and negotiate before fighting.
  • Dofon, a traveling warrior gnome, who has sworn to destroy evil in all of its forms. He met Oswald while chasing a creature that had killed his family.


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