The Old Victorian

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The Old Victorian
Author(s) Daniel Meyer
Update schedule Saturdays
Launch date April 3, 2014[1]
End Date Continuing
Genre Slice-of-life
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The Old Victorian is a webcomic. It is written by Daniel Meyer,[2] who commissioned Ralph Hayes Junior to create the illustrations.[3]


The Old Victorian is loosely autobiographical, based on the real life experiences of Daniel and his wife, Carey, and their "adventures in motorcycling, life, art, discovering our love for our old buildings, stretching our abilities to renovate them, and exploring our continued love and devotion to each other".[4] The titular "Old Victorian" is a 1903 example of Queen Anne/Victorian architecture.[4]

In the comic, Daniel and Carey are drawn as anthropomorphic animals (a grey cat and an otter respectively). Being raised on Disney characters, the "expression and conveyance of emotion allowed with the various anthro critters appeals to our sense of storytelling".[4]


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