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The Moreau Awards for Excellence in Anthropomorphics, or just The Moreau Awards, was to be the furry fandom's version of the science fiction fandom's Hugo Awards.


Suggested after the failure of the Golden Sydney Award (but before the advent of the Ursa Major Awards), the name derives from the title character in English writer H.G. Wells's novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau.

The awards would have been given to members of the furry community who contributed positively to the fandom in various ways, and the nominations could be submitted via mail, email, or with nomination forms distributed at a handful of conventions.[1]

The only held instance occurred at the first instance of the furry convention Albany Anthrocon, held 3-6 July 1997, at the Omni Albany Hotel in Albany, New York, USA.


The ballots were distributed to attendees to vote on the following categories:


The winners, as chosen by attendees of the first Anthrocon, were as follows:


Despite a positive reception overall, the Awards were not repeated at subsequent Anthrocon iterations due to "significant logistical problems", making 1997 the only year the event was held.[4]


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