The Miarchy Project

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The Miarchy Project
The miarchy project.jpg
Author(s) Writer: Mikey-aofw and Artist: Scarlet-Vixen
Status Active
Launch date 18th November 2007
End Date N/A

The Miarchy Project is an anthropomorphic comic strip series by writer Mikey-aofw and and artist Scarlet-Vixen. The main characters, William, Scarlet and Juniper, attempt to learn to grow up within the world of Cyrus whilst things all around them either catch fire, blow up, or randomly go wrong (intentionally or otherwise).


The Miarchy Project was originally a derivation of another comic project that failed to work in practice. When Miarchy was adopted as the main comic project, the characters were borrowed from the artists anthropomorphic collection. It started in 2007 and is a weekly comic that updates either on Saturday or Sunday. (although it doesn't always update on time). The main comic is due to update at the end of every month with XF updating the first and third week of every month (in theory).

Originally, the comic began as a 5 scene strip on, then became a 3 scene strip in late 2009. However, following problems with telling a good story with a weekly comic strip, the project moved to a full page manga-style in 2011. While the comic storyline would evolve every two weeks, in order to keep it a weekly comic, the writer uploads intermission artworks that generally depict with the world of Cyrus.


  • William Vulpes (first appearance: #1 New TV): Will is often depicted as being the madman of the group sometimes the madness does produce results. He has managed to create portals to other worlds in the past (#12) and has recently managed to secure a job at the Crystal Cascades university following setting fire to the Mathematics department (#83). He is currently engaged to Scarlet.
  • Scarlet Bailey (first appearance: #1 New TV): Scarlet is the much calmer person in her relationship with Will. Her luck with jobs has been haphazard because although she did manage to get her dream job of being a graphic artist (#32), she eventually quit following abuse from another artist. She does have problems with spending money but has managed to suppress that at the moment.
  • Juniper (first appearance: #7 Surprise!): Juniper is Scarlet's best friend and has a love/hate relationship with Will. She runs her own flower shop but has bad luck with relationships in general. She is known to have had a previous relationship to Jason Regenis.
  • Daraos Myrikren (first appearance: #37 Well, well; last appearance: #59 The end game): Daraos was a graphic artist at Comical Illustrations but his constant career advancing eventually led to his downfall when he unsuccessfully forged Will's signature in an attempt to put Scarlet down.

The Miarchy Project : XF[edit]

In 2011, the Miarchy Project's writer began a spin-off storyline from the main comic chronology, simply called "XF". Unlike the main comic series, XF is a written, not illustrated, series. The idea is to not only provide a alternative to the main comic storyline that is already established but to also provide a deeper insight into the characters and the world around them. XF does not upload into the main archive of the comic series but is kept separate to reflect the differing changes between the two storylines.

In XF, a couple of new characters (Naracacra & Arissan) were introduced that doesn't exist in The Miarchy Project. Also, Juniper never visited the Comical Illustration building in The Miarchy Project. The damage caused by the explosion in XF doesn't happen in the established storyline.

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