The Miami Broncos

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The Miami Broncos is a story series started in 2002 by François Guint-Riel (aka FGR, Craven) centered on Don Ulrich Thule Luther, leader of the Miami Bronco Mafia Family and his acquaintances. Inspired from film noir antiheroes and the long tradition the Mafia, though extended to be more powerful entities, the story is a series of smaller tales divided in chapters, each a porthole into a the life and times of the characters it follows, constantly changing point of view and locations. The series itself was recently repatriated to its author's personal website.

Dramatis personae[edit]

Main characters[edit]

  • Don Ulrich Thule Luther
Species: black panther
Occupation: Don of the Miami Bronco Family
  • Don Nereid
Species: dolphin
Occupation: Don of the Ottawa Ulrich Family
  • Don Aquarius
Species: horse
Occupation: Don of the Maltese Falcon Family
  • Prince Vladimir Treshka
Species: polar bear
Occupation : Leader of the Red Mafia of Moscow

Secondary characters[edit]

  • Vincent, aka Jumpy
Species: kangaroo
Occupation: Point man of the Miami Bronco Family
  • Tracks
Species: deer
Occupation: Ulrich’s right hand man, hitman and enforcer.
  • Stripes
Species: striped hyena
Occupation: Barman and hitman for the Miami Bronco Family
  • Craven
Species: zebra
Occupation: Weapons designer for the Ottawa Urchin Family
  • A cast of dozens


Main storyline[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The story starts months before the graduation of the Don, right after the assassination of his parents by a contract killer who was apparently in turn killed by agents of the Broncos. Through machinations of fate, he finds himself working as an intern at a resort in the wilds of Brazil, where his past catches up to him and after years of restraint as a dedicated businessman, he takes a key role in the ongoing combat against local militias who have laid siege to the region. After this chapter of his life, he accepts his role as the heir to the Family’s seat, as he affirms in the next chapter as he threatens one of his opponents. name is Ulrich Luther, Don of the Miami Broncos.

From there on out, he no longer shies up from using his heritage to bring about changes in the structure of the local political and underground life of the cities he visits. Through visits as special agent in charge of startups for a major resort chain in Tijuana, Mexico and Valletta, Malta, he builds up the local mafia Families in cooperation with their Dons, raising their status to a policing force with authority bounded more by their ancient code of honour then law, lending a hand to the cities' authorities when they find themselves unable to resolve situations alone.

After his stay in Malta, Ulrich returns to Miami, a decision that sees him accept his heritage after the passing of his predecessor. With the same attitude that he carried with him during his previous dealings with the underground element as well as the wealth of experience that he gathered through them, the panther builds an empire with the Broncos' resources. With such a strong hold on their core holdings, the Broncos become involved overseas to spread their influence and harsher justice, though never forgetting the importance of the friends they made along the way.

Secondary storyline[edit]

The Ottawa Urchins[edit]

After having met Ulrich, and with his help rid themselves of a corrupt Don who had been weighing down their organization, the Urchin Family decide to leave Tijuana for Ottawa, recruiting an expert firearms designer, Craven, who the Don considers to be their best asset as they start to market his creations to clients worldwide. This, however, puts him and his friends in all kinds of situations as clients turn out to be more then they'd bargained for, involving them in their affairs more or less to their delight. Through deals in China, they ally themselves directly with the Golden Dragon Triad, forming a new lifeline for the Families to depend on for influence and resources in Asia, as well as setting up circumstances for a few episodes in the faraway land.

The Maltese Falcons[edit]

With a better control of their destiny after forming pacts with the local police, the Falcons become an underground import-export authority in Malta, attracting attention from other smuggling groups and potential clients alike, though as in the case of the Urchins, nothing ever goes as planned and the Family often has to find creative ways to stay on the good side of the police while defending their holdings. Still, one of their more unexpected contractors end up being the Red Mafia, in dire straights as the police in Moscow start cracking down on their activities. After giving them a gentle hand with their situation, the Falcons become tight knit with the Russian organization and for the first time, the Families can depend on friends in the vast northern country.

The series is ongoing to date.

Did you know?

  • The story actually started with the 10th chapter, then written backwards before continuing

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