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The Mark Stretch Gallery Of The Unusual, or MSGOTU, is an art archive, but it includes a few stories, most of them unfinished. It also features an active oekaki page and a discussion forum. The art is categorized by artist, and subcategorized into specific subjects or fetishes. The site and associated forum is updated periodically, but was taken offline in November 2005 when Mark moved across country, returned in July 2006, went offline again in July of 2007 and returned in July of 2008.

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The site showcases the creative work of furry artists, Mark Stretch, Korva, Will N. Dorf, and Stellos. Mark Stretch is the owner of the site, and has galleries of hyper-endowed furries and furry pregnancy, as well as several non-furry galleries and a collection of stories written by himself, Korva and Stellos.

The artwork ranges from pencil sketches to paintings to 3D models. The only photographs are some of Stellos' photo-manipulations of animals.

Will N. Dorf was the alter-ego of Stellos, specializing in weight gain. Stellos' art was primarily furry, but also involved hyper-endowed art, animal art and animal photomanipulations, but to prevent confusion, he put his human-oriented art in the Will N. Dorf section. Stellos passed away on July 13, 2002.

Some of the most popular species on MSGOTU are goats, horses, and taurs, although there are some scalies.

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