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The Katbox
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Author(s) Webmaster: SoulKat
Status Online
Launch date  ?
Genre Web hosting
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The Katbox is a website that hosts furry webcomics. The Katbox has both a World of Warcraft guild and a Steam group, both named Bought the Farm. The site's homepage is a portal to the various comics, which presently number 14, not counting "bonus comics," which are set in the worlds of the main comics and tell stories that would otherwise remain unseen in the main narrative.


Early years: 2004 - 2009[edit]

The Katbox was founded by SoulKat, co-author of the site's first comic Las Lindas, which went online in September of 2004. It was joined in May 2005 by Nekonny's Caribbean Blue[1]. A year later, the first page of Avencri's The Eye of Ramalach was posted in January, with regular updates beginning in March[2].

The total number of Katbox comics remained at three for the next several years. A fourth comic, Things Will Be Different, joined in November 2008 but was officially cancelled in January 2009 because the artist had lost interest. In October of that year, Running Wild, created by Jesonite ("Jeso") joined[3], but was canceled in February 2010. Katbox forumites referred to the "curse of the fourth comic."[4]

Rapid influx: 2010 - 2012[edit]

In January 2010, Eye of Ramalach author Avencri began work on a second comic, Tina of the South, which was updated by donation. At the time of launch, it was treated as a "bonus comic" in site formatting, as Las Lindas had a number of bonus comics which were also updated by donation. However, unlike the Las Lindas bonus comics, Tina of the South told an independent story, and future site updates showed it as a top-level comic on the site's portal page.

On April 1, 2010, as part of a tradition of sitewide April Fools Day pranks, the number of Katbox comics abruptly jumped to 14.[5] For the 11 new comics, each had one page posted, usually by different people (two, iMew and 88mm Neko, were drawn by Nekonny, author of Caribbean Blue). Over the course of April 1, most of the new comics were abruptly cancelled, with site staff feigning surprise. Two of the comics actually became established, however: iMew began donation-based updates in May, and Anthronauts began weekly updates in June.

Like Tina of the South, iMew was an independent creation of an existing artist, and was also treated as a bonus comic before receiving its own portal-page icon. When iMew concluded its run in September 2013, it was the first Katbox comic reach an official end.

Following the April 1 prank, the site homepage was restructured to reflect the new comics. With the addition of Anthronauts and iMew, and the recognition of Tina of the South as an independent comic, the site comic count jumped to six.

Changes: 2013 - present[edit]

In early 2013, Nixie began a second comic, Fungus Farm, which ran until June and was interactive. Anthronauts was rebooted at this point as well, and relaunched in July. The original version of the series remains archived as Anthronauts: Alternate Reality.

On February 17, 2014, two more comics joined the Katbox, UberQuest and Our World.

On September 6, SoulKat announced on the site forum that Swashbuckled was being dismissed from the site because Mastergodai, the primary artist, was no longer interested in working on the project[6]. On November 9, Nekonny and Mihari completed Caribbean Blue, which had run for nine years and 326 pages[7]. It was the second Katbox comic to be completed, following iMew.

The site's policy for NSFW content was revised in the fall, separating the site's general PG-13 atmosphere apart from more mature material[8].

Comics hosted[edit]

Title Run dates Author(s) Updates Hosting Format Notes
Addictive Science April 2009 - present Artist and writer: Cervelet Daily Co-hosted on SmackJeeves Black and white
Anthronauts April 2010 - June 2013; Reboot July 2013 - present Artist and writer: Nixie Weekly (Fridays) Katbox exclusive Color Originally part of an April Fools prank
Caribbean Blue May 2005 - November 2014 Artist and writer: Nekonny, writer: Mihari Weekly Katbox exclusive B&W/Color Finished run. Some guest comics in black and white
Chitsu Anddo Asu February 2014 - present Artist: Mastergodai Upstairstudios, writer: ID Irregular Katbox exclusive Color
Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures 1999 - present; on the Katbox since September 2013 Artist and writer: Amber Williams Irregularly (once or more weekly) Co-hosted with B&W/Color
Draconia Chronicles 1999 - present; on the Katbox since January 2011 Artist and writer Razorfox. Former staff: Donnie Sturges (writer-in-chief), Jen Starling (Photoshop), and Jason Cumberledge (lettering)[9] Irregularly Katbox exclusive B&W/Color Originally hosted independently at
The Eye of Ramalach January 2006 - present Artist and writer: Avencri. Former writers: ID G3off Irregularly Katbox exclusive Color
Fungus Farm February 2013 - June 2013 Artist and writer: Nixie Irregularly Katbox exclusive B&W/Color Cancelled. Story was reader-interactive.
iMew April 2010 - August 2013 Artist: Nekonny, writer: Curran Irregularly Katbox exclusive Black and white Finished run. Updates were by donation.
Knuckle Up April 2012 - present Writer and illustrator: Mastergodai, soft brushed: Upstairstudios Irregularly Co-hosted with Petite Symphony Color
Las Lindas September 2004 - present Artist: Chalo, writer: SoulKat. Former writer: ID, side comic writer: Curran. Weekly (Wednesdays) Katbox exclusive Color
Mousechievous May 2015 - present Artist: Skidd, writer: xvik  ? Katbox exclusive Black and white
Our World December 2010 - present; on the Katbox since February 2014 Artist: Kuurion, writer: Captain Video Biweekly (Tuesdays and Fridays) Katbox exclusive Black and white Originally published independently
Paprika March 2015 - present Artist and writer: Nekonny Biweekly Katbox exclusive Black and white A remake of an earlier comic called Tina OnLine, with a continuity to unfold on either side of Caribbean Blue
Project Zero October 2012 - present Writer and illustrator: Mastergodai, soft brushed: Upstairstudios Irregularly Co-hosted with Petite Symphony Color
Rascals September 2009 - present; on the Katbox since August 2012 Writer and illustrator: Mastergodai, soft brushed: Upstairstudios Weekly (Fridays) Co-hosted with Petite Symphony Color
Rascals Goyoku December 2011 - present Writer and illustrator: Mastergodai, soft brushed: Upstairstudios Irregularly Co-hosted with Petite Symphony Color
Running Wild October 2009 - February 2010 Artist and writer: Jeso Weekly (Fridays) Katbox exclusive Color Cancelled
Swashbuckled August 2012 - September 2014; on the Katbox since February 2013 Mastergodai, KingofKOF, RubyLuvCow Irregularly Co-hosted with Comic Fury[10] B&W/Color Originally posted on Fur Affinity starting in May 2012[11]. Dismissed from the Katbox in September 2014.
Things Will Be Different November 2008 - January 2009 Artist: Spazzy Koneko, writer: KingofKOF Weekly (Saturdays)  ? Color Cancelled
Tina of the South January 2010 - present Artist: Avencri, writer: G3off Irregularly Katbox exclusive Black and white Published by donation
Tora Tora Tokyo March 2015 - present Artist: Nekonny, writer: SoulKat weekly Katbox exclusive Black and white
UberQuest February 2014 - present Phuufy and Skidd Semiweekly (Tuesdays and Saturdays) Katbox exclusive Color
Yosh! November 2003 - present; on the Katbox since ? Writer and artist: Philip Brown, Cowriter: Alex Peterson Monday, Wednesday, Friday Katbox exclusive B&W/Color Originally published independently


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