The Karmadillo

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The Karmadillo
The Karmadillo's logo
Author(s) Alessandro Bruno
Update schedule Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays
Launch date March 24, 2014
Genre Comical
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The Karmadillo is a humorous webcomic strip revolving around many different furry characters. It is available in English and Italian.

Recurrent characters[edit]

  • The Karmadillo, "the temp job's master". He is an armadillo condemned by his bad karma to never find a permanent job in this life.
  • Osvaldo the All-in-phant, an elephant with an obsession for his own anus and a tendency to get in trouble with police.
  • The Usual Duck, a nymphomaniac duck, often wearing rabbit ears and high heels shoes.
  • Fabiana, occasionally Usual Duck's partner
  • Nina the Penguin Chick, a penguin chick who hates having been born at South Pole.
  • Aldo Rabbit, a rabbit struggling to cope with his excessive fertility.
  • Dr. Vulture, an identity thief.
  • Cazzopardo, the curator of the "Cazzopardo's Corner", where the gag's topic is investigated further.

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