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The Joe Rogan Experience is a podcast hosted by American comedian, presenter, and UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan, which hosts long-form conversations with friends and guests that include comedians, actors, musicians, MMA instructors , commentators, authors, and artists.

The show plays on various audio streaming services online. It was launched on December 24, 2009, on YouTube by Rogan and comedian Brian Redban, who was its sole co-host and producer until 2012 when Jamie Vernon was hired to co-produce.

The Joe Rogan Experience and furry[edit]

On the October 11, 2022 podcast of the show (JRE #188?),[citation needed] while on a chat with American conservative politician, United States Army Reserve officer and political commentator Tulsi Gabbard, Rogan told the often-repeated far-right canard about US student furries using litter boxes in American public schools.

As proof, Rogan offered the following tale:

The Joe Rogan Experience
"My friend, his wife is a school teacher, and she works at a school that had to install a litter box in the girls' room because there's a girl who's a furry, who identifies as an animal and her mother badgered the school until they agreed to put a litter box in one of the stalls,(...) So this girl goes into the litter room or to the girl's room and urinates or whatever — I don't know if she poops in it, that's pretty gross.

That's the worst thing in the world about owning cats, you gotta clean that box of piss every day,(...) Imagine how f**king crazy that is. You're a human and you prefer a litter box? You want to piss into a pile of sand rather than use a bathroom, flush a toilet, wipe yourself, like a normal person. Like, you're so crazy with what you think an animal is that not only have you said this, but you've conned the school into putting this f**king litter box in a girl's room. That's just bananas".

The Joe Rogan Experience

The allegation was propagated to several social media sites thanks to American far-right commentator, Chaya Raichik, better known as "Libs of TikTok" online.[1]

Litter box redux (or Joe Rogan's experience with a furry convention)[edit]

On the October 26, 2022 podcast (#1888), with American science writer, historian of science, executive director of The Skeptics Society, and founding publisher of Skeptic magazine, Michael Shermer, Rogan would bring up once again the "litter box" line, with a bonus "pet food bowls for furries" claim.[2] In this retelling, the "school teacher" is replaced by a "guy at the (hotel's) front desk":

The Joe Rogan Experience
"10 years or so ago, we went to, there was a UFC in Pittsburgh. And when we went there, as we landed, where we're driving from the airport to the hotel, we see all these people with mascot outfits on. We're like, what is going on? And we talked to this guy and he said, 'There's a furry convention in town'.(*) - Oh, right. And I said, 'Wow, this is crazy'.(...)

(...) So we check into the hotel (and at) (t)he hotel, the guy who was working the front desk was saying how crazy it was that these folks were asking for their food to be delivered in bowls on the ground so they could eat it like animals.

And I was like, 'That is crazy". And then he said, 'They asked for a litter box in the lobby.' Now, they didn't put a litter box into the lobby, but someone, according to this man, asked him for a litter box. I'm like, 'That is crazy'."

The Joe Rogan Experience

(This "story" was initially first told by Rogan on American stand-up comedian, actor, television producer, and podcaster Andrew Schulz's Flagrant podcast on mid-2022, months before the first JRE's litter box podcast).[3]

(*) High probability the convention was Anthrocon (curator's note).

Retraction (partial)[edit]

Eventually, Joe Rogan would admit that his claims about schools providing litter boxes to "furry kids" were baseless in nature,[4][5] while Raichik continues to keep Rogan's initial hoax video online on her Libs of TikTok''s Twitter account.

But Rogan gave himself himself some wiggle room for his conservative fans when he (again, incorrectly or falsely) that:

The Joe Rogan Experience
"I don't think they actually did it" (...) "I think there was discussions about doing it because there was one particularly wacky mother, but there is — it doesn't seem that there's any proof that they put a litter box in there.[6]
The Joe Rogan Experience

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