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The Infection is a fictional short story series written by Dracokon based upon the C-snakes character created by Shanta-Ra. The story largely focuses on portraying itself as a tentacle and slime fetish work but does take strides to maintain a coherent plot and original C-snakes accuracy throughout the encounters detailed in the story's installments.

Despite the story's deviation from Dracokon's usual theme of zoophilia in his stories he considers The Infection to be his most popular work. The first installment of the story ranks at an estimated #330 in the "All Time" sorting at SoFurry while all installments of the story series to date have attained the rank of #1 in Daily rankings and placing moderately high on Weekly and Monthly lists as well.


The inspiration behind the story contained in the first installment of The Infection can be traced back to the original C-snakes comic where an unsuspecting explorer discovers a strange chest containing the snakes, and after being taken by the Snakes they go on to spread to their exploring partner. Dracokon changed the primary characters in the story but made an effort to keep it connected to its roots. In the first chapter of The Infection Panzer is the unwitting charter carrier and Dracokon's character plays the back-up role in being the first victim spread to by intercourse.

Original C-snakes literature put an emphasis on the much more gorier nature of the creatures eating victims from the inside out and taking control of their bodies, essentially rendering them into walking flesh sacs full of Snakes. The excessively gory content was underwritten in The Infection and replaced with a further emphasis on the physical aspects of the Snakes "in action". Furthermore rather than completely dissolving the insides of their hosts they are instead portrayed as a symbiote that manifests itself as a series of new internal organs that contain C-snakes or secrete the Snakes' signature slime that disorients and sedates potential victims. It is implied that the carriers in the story only show minimal signs of infection and blend in with the rest of the characters, only revealing themselves when victims are cornered or trapped.

In the second installment of the story a female dragon (Nahara) was the victim of a C-snake encounter, and according to the original rules of the C-snakes literature "all victims grow a penis". However in the third installment it is revealed that rather than having grown a penis, Nahara instead develops an ovipositor that has similar physiology to male dragon genitalia. She has less tentacles and rather than using "seed" tentacles to spread it is implied her ovipositor is used to lay eggs inside of her victims. Dracokon mentioned the reason for this deviation from the original literature was to allow him to differentiate the style of encounters with males and females, opening a wider spectrum for possibilities in future installments of the story. [1]

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