The Hungry Furries

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The Hungry Furries is a filk or parody of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire". Viktoria Foxfang wrote the parody lyrics and based the song on a very generic cartoonish version of vore known as soft vore. The song debut in 2006 on Halfshell Hero's album "Caught In A Map: The Demos" and than later an actual studio recording in 2012, that also aired on Dr. Demento radio show July 14, 2012 (show #12-28). Than again July 28, 2012 (show #12-30) hitting the #8 spot on the top ten.

Song Statistics[edit]

  • Parody Written By: Viktoria Foxfang
  • Parody of: "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, Written By Merle Kilgore and June Carter Cash
  • First Air Play: SonicBlu's "Time Machine Show" 2006, the original version
  • First Mainstream Air Play: Dr. Demento Show #12-28, July 14, 2012, the re-recorded version
  • Play Length: Approximately 3 minutes and 15 seconds (3:15)

Top Spots

  • Dr. Demento Show #12-30
Top 10, No. 8, (July 28th, 2012)
  • SoundClick
Top 50, No. 22 in Comedy (2013)
Top 50, No. 4 in Parody (2013)


Year First Release Label Notes
Caught in A Map: The Demos FurShell Studios, Foxfang Studios/Fat Dragon Productions Demo recording of the song
2013 Single; b/w Caught In A Map Fat Dragon Productions Studio recording

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