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The House is the simple name given to the home at which Benjamin, Sedyah, Mune Metsukai, James Bluewolf, and the kittlings currently reside. It is located in the Minnow Lake suburb of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

The House was established as a furry home when Benjamin moved to Sudbury at the end of January, 2004. Benjamin and Sedyah moved in together at that time, both moving in to the new home at the same time. Sedyah had previously lived in the Flour Mill suburb of Sudbury and Benjamin had moved up from Burlington, Ontario, Canada. "The kittlings" refers to Sedyah's children, now Benjamin's step-children. The kittlings continue to exhibit more and more furry traits...

In early January of 2005, Cyber Snake had moved into The House, occupying the spacious finished portion of the basement. He continued to reside there until the Spring of 2006, at which time he moved into a new apartment with his fiancee.

Soon after Cyber Snake's departure, Mune Metsukai had moved into the void in the basement. It was around the middle of July 2006 that this move was made. A few months later, James Bluewolf also moved into the basement area, having begun the process in October of 2006.

The House itself is a three bedroom bungalow built in the 1940s. It appears to have had a few extensions made to it, but it never really outgrew its box-like appeal. It has a lot of character and charm, reflecting that of its residents.

This home plays host to the occasional furry party, especially for special events and holidays, and has had more than a dozen furs in attendance at some parties. With a new deck at both the front and back entrances, it should be an especially happening place to hang out at during the summer months.


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