The Grizzwells

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The Grizzwells
Author(s) Bill Schorr
Update schedule Monday-Saturday
Launch date 1987
End Date Continuing
Genre Family-oriented comedy
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The Grizzwells is a comic strip about family of anthropomorphic grizzly bears.

The Grizzwells is drawn by American cartoonist Bill Schorr.[1] The strip began in 1987,[1] and is published online as well as being syndicated to print newspapers. It was originally syndicated through the Newspaper Enterprise Association (part of United Media),[1] before a distribution deal was struck with Universal Uclick in 2011.[2]

When he created The Grizzwells, Schorr wanted to do a simple family-oriented strip: "Since human characters dominate most of my editorial cartoons, I didn't want to draw them in my strip as well. My younger daughter has been collecting bears forever and she thought bears would be perfect subject matter."[1]


The main characters of The Grizzwells are:[3]

  • Gunther Grizzwell, the head of the Grizzwell family. He is a slacker and ransacker with an appetite for just about anything that moves (though he rarely does himself).
  • Pierpoint, Gunther's annoying porcupine sidekick. He is a ball of confusion, woes, paranoia, and endless, mindless chatter.
  • Flora Grizzwell, Gunther's loving, patient, understanding, and caring wife. She is the one creature he fears.
  • Tucker Grizzwell, Gunther and Flora's son. He is not exactly fierce grizzly material yet.
  • Fauna Grizzwell, Gunther and Flora's daughter. She is heavily into pop culture, fashions, and music. (in short, a stereotypical teen girl)
  • Warren, a self-possessed and self-absorbed rabbit. He is a self-styled "ladies man" and a fount of useless romantic advice for Pierpoint.
  • Jasmine, another porcupine and the object of Pierpoint's desire. She has never met a heart she didn't want to break, and secretly enjoys crushing Pierpoint's futile attempts at flirtation.


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