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A Golden Lash Staff Picture by DarkWolfie, showing the staff as it was during RuheMaus' first stint as owner.

The Golden Lash (t goldenlash) is a BDSM establishment found on Tapestries. It is a BDSM club loosely modeled after a Victorian era gentleman's club, the most significant difference being that the club is open to all genders and all fetishes in the hopes of creating a community.

The original club focus was simply to create a place for people interested in BDSM and other fetishes to have a place to meet others of like mind and play. Under its previous owner, Ruhemaus, the club took on a more educational bent towards both VL and RL BDSM, in addition to its role as a gathering and play space. A LiveJournal community and a mailing list were added.

Chanelle, who was an active patron and assistant to the club since its earliest days until 2016, maintained ownership until approximately 2017. It then passed hands a few times, from Fianna to, currently Karen.


The Lash has four floors, 2 private, 2 public. The private levels consist of the second floor and attic and are for staff residences. The lower two - including the backyard and stables - provide meeting and playspaces.

Ground floor[edit]

The ground floor consists of the front and back yards, the stables and the first floor of the house. On the first floor of the house is the lounge, the study, the cub cage, and the voyeur room. The basement holds the five playrooms, covering a wide range of fetishes with a holodeck to support more obscure ones.

  • The Lounge is the meet and greet area, primarily for discussion, although there is a stage for performances, its richly furnished, but designed to be relaxing. In addition, it hosts the Spreader Bar.
  • The Study is just that, a combination library, meeting room and playroom for discrete light scenes.
  • The Voyeur Room is very simply a place to watch what's going on in the playrooms downstairs & the stables, should the participants leave the cameras on.
  • The Stables are a dark and dismal abandoned building where anything can happen to those foolish enough to enter, it is the club's non-consensual room for those that desire playing out such fantasies. Note: Because of the non-consensual nature of the stables, a separate flag must be set in order to enter. Anything goes inside, and furs enter with the understanding that only OOC safewords will be respected, and no one can become offended by anything that transpires within. As of Halloween 2010, the Stables has been described as an homage to the Tool Shed that used to be a part of The Tavern.
  • The Cub Cage is a side bar created to provide a public bar for ageplay with a BDSM slant. It includes several cub-sized BDSM toys and accessories as well as the ball pit room - a room that can be set as a furs' home, if they wish.
  • The Triangle is a side bar named after the extreme piercing intended for scenes that are too extreme for the Lounge, but not extreme enough for the Stables. These scenes include but not limited to: bloodplay; non-consentual scenes; CB&T; Gorean roleplays, and extreme humiliation.
  • The Rubber Roof is an open-air rooftop bar with a heavy slant towards scenes involving rubber, latex and vinyl. Every aspect of this club is decorated with this play in mind, and the area itself has outfits to loan so visitors may even wear the materials as desired.

Basement Playrooms[edit]

The basement playrooms consist of five dungeons:

  1. The Traditional Dungeon is inspired by your stereotypical, mid-evil dungeon, and is fitted with the appropriate equipment such as racks, crosses and modern variations of traditional equipment. This room also hosts The Toy (machine #help), a rough interactive sex machine very similar to The Machine that used to be in The Tavern.
  2. The Holodeck is for stuff difficult to place otherwise. Low traffic or impossible rooms are contained within, including (for example) Hell or a forest clearing.
  3. The Bedroom is, at a glance, just a normal bedroom. Upon closer inspection, one finds that it is set up to be the ultimate bondage bedroom. It is one that most could only dream of having and is one the owner seems to enjoy flaunting.
  4. The Restrooms and Showers are a bathing area created via Elvish magicks. They contain showers, hot springs complete with a waterfall, bathroom stalls with glory holes, and sinks with mirrors for bathroom scenes.
  5. The Medical Center is for those into medical, doctor/nurse fetishes and comes complete with a fully equipped doctors office and nurses station.


The Golden Lash was opened by Fluxxx in early 2004.[1] It was transferred to Ruhemaus in September 2005, who gave it to Sayai_Wolff in November 2006. It was transferred back to Ruhemaus by the Wizards in March 2007. On March 16, 2012, the wizzes transferred ownership of The Golden Lash to Chanelle. Chanelle held ownership until approximately 2015, where it changed hands a few more times until Fianna took ownership in 2018, and remained owner until 2021. In late 2021, ownership was transferred to Karen.


The Golden Lash has a history of celebrating several holidays, complete with a full redecorating of the entire club to fit the theme of the holiday. For Halloween, there is an annual costume contest with bribing of the nominated judges to encourage more roleplay at the club. For the Winter holidays, the club takes on a more festive feel while still trying to infuse the Golden Lash's theme. During the month of December, there is an annual Winter holiday party to allow patrons the chance to celebrate together.

Current Staff[edit]


Proposed plans for the FurryMUCK version include the addition of a court room and holding cell playroom area, in addition to a more advanced viewing gallery system that will conserve club space. These plans are on hold indefinitely.

Permission has also been given to look into creating a Golden Lash on Second Life, by popular demand. The original creator, Woggle, is currently starting work on a test version of a Golden Lash MUCK. This version has been cancelled and replaced with plans for a smaller and simpler establishment named The Spreader Bar


  1. BDSM Club now open... Posted January 10 2004 by Fluxxx to Tapestries forum.

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