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The Goddamned Furry Board
The Goddamned Furry Board logo.png
Author(s) Owners: Sage Freehaven, Sechs Fuckheaven
Status Online
Launch date August 8, 2008
Genre 2ch style art community
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The Goddamned Furry Board, or just TGFB, is a Kusaba X-based imageboard that offers boards for a variety of topics/boards, including furry art.


[edit] History

The site was created in August 8, 2008 by run by Sage Freehaven and Sechs Fuckheaven.

On April 4, 2014, the site domain expired, taking it offline for one week.[1]

[edit] Services and guidelines

Apart of offering several posting boards, the site also offers advertising space to those willing to provide something in exchange; usually artwork made exclusively for the site and/or at the behest of Sage, Sechs, or Ragnarok. Sites and artists who are on the DNP listing are ineligible for this offer.

Apart of the site's Do Not Post, there are generally no rules, either guiding behavior of the users or site staff, of the quality of the work posted. There is a "soft ban" on cub porn, in that while it is not a bannable offense to post such art on TGFB, it will most likely be deleted if it is posted.

Club Stripes, Fur After Dark, and are on good terms with TGFB and allow posting of paywalled content from said sites on a limited basis.

[edit] Do Not Post policy

Unlike some furry imageboards, there is not a strict Do Not Post policy in place at TGFB; most artists' work is free to be posted on the site. There are a few listings on the site's Do-Not-Post list, however; some of the listings are there as a matter of courtesy or habit, some are there as a result of special deals made with the listed artists, and some are there as a result of disputes between the listed artists and the site's administrators. As of 2014, the site prohibits posting of content from/made by:

[edit] References

  1. Sage Freehaven's post on Twitter. Retrieved April 11, 2014.

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