The Geek Hierarchy

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The Geek Hierarchy was devised by Lore Sjöberg and published on his now-defunct humor website, Brunching Shuttlecocks, in January, 2002. The hierarchy was a complicated chart that shows what groups consider themselves 'less geeky than' other groups.

The Geek Hierarchy and furry[edit]

Sjöberg ranked furries high in geekiness in his chart and correspondingly close to the bottom of the pile of those looked down upon; however, the absolute epitome of geekiness, as determined by the Geek Hierarchy, is

The Geek Hierarchy
People Who Write Erotic Versions of Star Trek Where All the Characters Are Furries, Like Kirk is an Ocelot or Something, and They Put a Furry Version of Themselves as the Star of the Story
The Geek Hierarchy

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