The Furry Future

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Cover of The Furry Future

The Furry Future is an anthology of furry stories, edited by Fred Patten and published by FurPlanet in January 2015.[1] The cover illustration is by Teagan Gavet.[1]

The synopsis of the anthology reads:[1]

The Furry Future
For the history of the human race we have been locked inside our bodies. Spiritualism, medicine, basic biochemistry and genetic enhancement seek to take us beyond the physical limitations we were born with. The Furry Future is a record of what might become of us once we perfect the methods of reshaping biology.

Fangs and claws could become just another fashion accessory. We might use our technology to create intelligent and able companions as we spread out to the stars, or else create perfect servants unable to disobey the whims of their masters. We may remake ourselves to attain our future across the galaxy and unlock our spiritual potential, or collapse into war over where the boundaries of humanity lie.

These nineteen stories take us to these different futures, each one written in the fur we choose to wear.

The Furry Future

The stories in The Furry Future are:[1]


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