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The Furry/Were Database was the earliest known furry and friend tracker and locator resource available at the time, in the same way and principle the Internet Furry Proximity Locator performs this function today.


The "Furry/Were Database" came online in 1997 as one of the services offered at the Furry Grand Central, the web's largest furry information resource at the time (hosted by Jurann Foxtail's FurCen.Org webserver in Seattle, WA, USA.) The service continued its intended function until it was revamped as the new The Furry Database (the reason for the removal of the word Were is unclear at the present time.)


As stated before, the primary design of the database was to track and keep track of current information on any and all members in the furry fandom, from furry teenagers to Greymuzzles. In other words, it was an early, uncomplicated way to to find other furs or fur interested people in an immediate zone or area, or a way for somebody to list itself so others around them could quickly find him, her or hir.


The layout of the database was separated into two distinct sections:

  • The Alphabetized list - This list consisted on non-tabled/formatted small blurbs of each fur (here using the old entry for Don Sanders.) It would normally list his, hers, hirs real and/or furry name, email, web page, fursona description, real place of residence, and a small paragraph describing the fur in question:
"Dsan Tsan (Don Sanders)
Chow-Chow Morph Vernon, New York
Dsan in appearence is a Chow-chow morph, but because of a curse, he can morph
into almost any creature he can think of, except for Vulpines, for that was his
orginal form. Dsan is a chow of all trades and then some, he is also a chowish
mage of some power, but relies on techology to get his point across. Don Sanders
is currently an amateur artist and writer, his current works are Artist's light,
which is still in progress. He hopes to become a better artist and writer."
  • The Regional listings - This list would just show geographical regions, and whoever name's that lived in that particular area. The name, though, was hyperlinked to the "Alphabetized list."

The geographical listing was set in several perusing configurations:

  • "Regional Classifications"->"The 50 States (US)"->"New York"->"Dsan Tsan," or...
  • "Regional Classifications"->"US Territorial (Midwest, Pacific, etc.)"->"North Eastern"->"Dsan Tsan," and...
  • "Outside North America"->"Great Britain"->"Farthing W. Fox"

A final note: Within the "Regional listings," those who did not wish to disclose their location would appear in a special section at the very bottom of the page.