The End Crystals

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The End Crystals
TheEndCrystals Logo.PNG
Author(s) Ramon Phillips
Update schedule New issues every 1-10 months. Updates 1-3 weeks.
Launch date November 2008. Officially released at June 3rd, 2015.
Genre Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, War
12+ (Rated by Author)

Template:Unused The End Crystals is a Furry Comic created by Ramon Phillips in November, 2009. But officially released at June, 2015.


List of Characters in The End Crystals

Chronological order[edit]


  1. The End Crystals: The Last Human
  2. The End Crystals: Rebirth
  3. The End Crystals: The Chaos


  1. Origins
  2. The Chaos: The Trident of Atlantis

The Chaos[edit]

The Chaos is the first chapter of The End Crystals (1/4). Is a war between good and evil, and there's only one man, who can Stop it. Ramon Phillips, The Man who Killed Earth is taken to the future to stop that chaos by collecting 24 Crystals that can give anyone Unlimited power.

Episode 1: Darkness Rises[edit]

TECS TheChaos Logo V2.PNG

Ramon Phillips is brought to the future to stop the war. Now Dragon, Golden, Gonda and Ramon are fighting against the forces of Dark.

#1 The Man Who Killed Earth[edit]


The Chaos #1: The Man who Killed Earth (001), was created by Ramonmaster and published on

It was released on Madefire at 02/06/2015. Readable Online.

It was also released on Amazon Kindle at July 23rd, 2015.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

At the start shows a Scene of a prison, Dark is in cage and Dragon Starts talking to her. Then she reveals that's not the real her and that it was the Illusion Crystal. And that the real Dark was on the past to Save The Man Who Killed Earth.

Then it shows Ramon Phillips and Golden Del Vagas at Crystown, Rooftops. Ramon jumps off the building but Dark catches him, but when they go back to safe ground he attacks her, but Dragon puts and gun on his back and treats to kill him if he hurt Dark.

But then when Ramon is leaving, and then Dragon shot Dark's head. Ramon talked to him and then they went to his apartment, where Dragon tells them that he needs their help to win a war.

Golden makes Ramon accept, and then tell travel to the year 2400. There they meet Gonda, and then Dragon leaves to talk to the King. Meanwhile Gonda shows the Castle to Ramon and Golden. But when she shows them the Sacred Crystal Waters, Ramon heard the legend that you can see the future. Then he looks into the water and see CHAOS.

Then he fainted after seeing a shadow. Then he remembered a conversation, then he wakes up on Gonda's bedroom. Then Golden tells him that he started to speak Dragonish and then he fainted, but Golden and Gonda brought him to her room.

Then they ask him to join them for coffee, where he tells them he has a Second Personality called Miles. He says that Miles can read things out of coffee. And then Golden talks about his past, and hearing that, Gonda supported him. And then Miles read out of the coffee "G+G Loves".

Then Dragon calls Ramon to his new duty. Then he tells Golden to talk to Gonda, and that Ramon would need a gun.

  • Just like Francis York Morgan, Miles can see things in the Coffee.

#2 An Invincible Shadow[edit]


The Chaos #2: An Invincible Shadow (002) was released July 14th, 2015. Its readable on

It was also released on Amazon Kindle at July 23rd, 2015.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Dragon and Ramon gets on the car to go where the crystal was located. Dragon tells Ramon to keep talking to Miles (Revealing that he knows its existence).

Then it shows Gonda showing the Inn Room to Golden, where she reveals that they are the only 2 birds known to be alive. And then she makes him Promise her not to leave her side.

Then back to Ramon and Dragon. They get to the Holy Dragon Church in time. But Dark was there already, she left 2 Dark Fireballs guarding the Entrance door. Dragon gives Ramon a sword, and then he attack one of the Fireballs.

After killing the fireballs, Dragon and Ramon goes inside the Temple, there they meet Dark. Ramon asks her why she started the war, and she tells him that there's 10 Crystal Children that has a "Dragon Soul" inside of them, and that she's one of these 10 people. She holds the Dragon Soul Ice. And that she told Dark about 24 crystals that can give anyone unlimited power. Tired of hearing, Dragon grabs a gun a shoots her. Mad, she attacks him, then Ramon grabs her by the neck, and puts a gun on her head. Dark reacts, putting a Ice Blade inside his shoulder. Then he tells Miles to take control.

So Miles releases a Fire Breath shouting at Dark, revealing her Real name Minna Arkham. Surprised by the fact Ramon became Miles, Minna is paralyzed. Miles says that they've met before, and Minna says that he should be dead. So they start fighting, but after a another Fire Breath, Minna becomes a Shadow, being invulnerable to the fire.

She tries to kill Miles, but he's able to defend. Burning her back with a another Fire Breath, she freezes him, and says he has to join the others. And shoots a bullet at his head with his own gun.

  • Dragon is the Only character so far that knew about Miles' existence without either Ramon or Miles telling him.
  • The Inn Room which Gonda shows to Golden is very similar to the 040 Room (Ramon's Appartment).
  • Dragon's Car plate says DNO-2022, or DINNO 2022.
  • If you observe the cover. You can see that Ramon's colors are different, instead of being Orange (Fur), brown (Hair), and Purple (Eye). Now is Pink (Fur), white (Hair), and Blue (Eye).
  • Dragon's Car Plate says that it was registered on Itaquaquecetuba, São Paulo. That's where Ramonmaster lives.
  • It would be impossible to Miles know Dark since Ramon didn't know her existence until this point.

#3 Resurrection[edit]


At 12/13/2015, The Chaos #3 - Resurrection was released on Deviantart.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

On a forest, Ramon is playing a Ocarina when Miles tells him he failed. Ramon asks him to tell how does he know Minna. Miles says that he can't tell, and that Ramon will find out on the right time, on the right place. So Ramon starts shouting at him, asking for answers.Miles still doesn't tell. But Ramon begs him, then Miles says he'll show how he met Ramon for the first time.

It shows that the first time Miles met Ramon, he asks for Ramon's help to retrieve the Time Crystal. But Ramon doesn't understand, and Miles tells him that it'll only be clear once Dragon admits. Then Ramon plays with an ocarina the Song of Life, which resurrects him.

So Ramon wakes up in a morgue, he blows his way out. So he walks to the castle, inside, he meets Dragon. Ramon asks about his secrets, but he denies to reveal. So Ramon restores his clothes and he meets up with the rest of the team and an old friend, Wivie Mazum, his ex. After chatting a bit, Dragon and Ramon starts shouting at each other since Dragon wants to give up on the war. But Wivie faces him, and knocks him out. But it doesn't work, then Ramon fights him, but this time he faints.

Then Wivie tells Ramon in private that Minna murdered the Crystal King, her father, right in front of her eyes. But a voice calls out for Ramon's help. he leaves Wivie and travels to a Ice Castle, in which he meets Anonymous.

  • When Miles say:

"Speed is not the key. Patience. You need patience." Its a reference to Deadly Premonition, when Harry Stewart tells York "Speed is not important. Timing is what is important. Timing."

  • The lake behind Ramon is made of the Sacred Crystal Waters.
  • The Song Of Life is a reference to Nintendo's Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Song of Time.
  • In page 17, Anonymous says "You have Zo'n in your blood.". Zo'n means Sun in Dutch.

#4 Return of the Master[edit]


The Chaos #4: Return of the Master (004) was released March 16th, 2016. Readable at Deviantart.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ramon confused asks the Anonymous dragon about what she knows about him. She reveals that Ramon has forgotten important events in his past, in which he saw the past, future, and present all at once. She states he saw all of the wars, but couldn't let himself remember of those events. She reveals to him that he is different from all other Humals, she stabs his should to show himself his own blood (Which is pure crystal). She states that he has the power of three nuclear warheads within him, and just being a small fraction of his true power. She says he's the one to save them all, but needs to remember the forgotten events.

For that, she challenges him for a death-match. Unless he remembered what's lost, they'd battle until death. Anonymous strikes first. Ramon starts thinking of the purpose behind all of this as he dodges and grabs her ice blade and hits her in the stomach. He starts to remember as he stops fighting. Anonymous notices and starts explaining that the crystals aren't just for power, but to also a ritual that can trap one or billions of beings within shadows. She says it was only used twice, once to an unknown person, and another to Citro Nigma to end the great war. Miles shouts at her for leaving him behind and sacrificing himself and punches a hole through her stomach.

Ramon restores control of himself, and anonymous reveals her face as she introduces herself. She states being the "Unknown Child", the shame of the Arkham bloodline, thrown out at birth. Then Ramon shows-off his skill of reading his enemies, and then pushes her to the ground as he remembers of the great war. "There was a war caused by the humans between all realms. The Humals, Elvens, Humans and Dwarves stood against each other. When the Humans defeated the elvens, the humals and dwarves joined forces. They were near victory. But Citro Nigma used the crystals to swap places with a another shadow, a unknown being of unlimited wrath. It was said that the Shadow was once a man in the beginning of time which fought the great Dragon lord creator of Life. When Citro used those crystals and swapped places, he also took Humanity along to cease the war. His plan worked perfectly. No-one ever heard of humanity again. After that Humals and dwarves lived as they pleased.", States Miles.

Then Ramon asks about why Dragon wants the crystals. Anonymous states he wants to use them to replace Citro Nigma with a more dangerous being, and to kill Minna Arkham. Ramon starts to think, and believes the dangerous being is Ramon himself. He then leave the castle realizing he does have a purpose to be in that war, he is the one to end the war and save the world.

When Ramon is leaving, a lightning thing strikes him, but revealing itself, its Ramon from the future.

  • Anonymous is a slight reference to Illusive Man from the Mass Effect Series. Being both careless, powerful and knows much more than the protagonist.
  • Ramon's skill to read his opponents, is a reference to Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure, in which Joseph Joestar reads his opponents to give him advantage in battle.

#5 Rising Gods[edit]


TBR, 09/12/2016.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Episode 2: The Eclipse[edit]


The Last Human[edit]

The Last Human TEC.png

The last Human is a prequel to The Chaos. Is the only main series in which is not focused at Ramon, but yet, at Citro Nigma. As announced in TC#004, it explains a war that happened at the beginning of time between Humans, Humals, Dwarves and Elves.

#1 Endless War[edit]

The Humans are almost winning the war. But the Humals stand up by collecting the crystals to kill all of humanity. But Citro Nigma won't let that happen, and is trying to get the crystals before the Humals.


The Humans are almost winning the war. But the Humals stand up by collecting the crystals to kill all of humanity. But Citro Nigma won't let that happen, and is trying to get the crystals before the Humals.

Chapter 2: The End of the World[edit]



The Trident of Atlantis[edit]

It was announced long ago The Trident of Atlantis, a Spin-off of The Chaos. But it was recently updated with Synopsis. " And about The trident of Atlantis (Long name XD), its a Spin-off. Its about Wivie having to grab the Trident of Atlantis, we'll enter in details on its Synopsis. We haven't worked on it, but its because its suppose to come out 3 days after The Chaos #5. Which we won't give description about that one. But here's the Synopsis for The Trident of Atlantis: Note: Is it just us or every title of The End Crystals has "The" on the Start ?

"After the King be murdered by Minna Arkham, Wivie the King's daughter is the new sovereign of the Crystal Desert. But for that, she has to find the Trident of Atlantis, a Sacred weapon that without it, the Crystal Temple will fall.""

In 10/26/2014 Ramon Phillips announced this:

"Hey guys, just letting you guys know that THE CHAOS: THE TRIDENT OF ATLANTIS will not be a comic, but a book. We'll be writing it from now on as a book and not a comic. We'll still release it before is too late don't worry."


Wivie is set as the new Queen after her father is murdered by Darkness. Now she has to find The Trident of Atlantis before her kingdom is taken by the sea.


Origins is a spin-off series to explain a few characters' backstory.

Ramon Phillips[edit]

Origins Ramon Phillips TEC.png
Announced by Ramon in March, 2016, there will be an Origins series of Ramon Phillips.
#1 Like Mother, Like Son[edit]

Ramon is possessed by an unknown spirit. That unknown spirit takes him and Wivie to a church, in which he sees pieces of lost past of Minna Arkham and her sister.

At May 31st, Ramon cancelled the issue due art style. He states that the issue will still be released.


Ramon is possessed by an unknown spirit. So Wivie takes him to a Church to find help from the unknown "Mother".

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

  • Miles' variant cover's pose is a reference to Shadow Dio from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures.

Comparision of Miles and Shadow DIO

Variant Covers[edit]

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