The Dynamite Twins and Friends

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The Dynamite Twins and Friends
Created byJordann Edwards
Jacob Elmer
Craig Black
Original workThe Dynamite Twins comics (2008-2017)
Owner(s)Critterton Concepts (MajesticBlue ColorWorld)
Films and television
Film(s)Brotherhood Legacy
Animated seriesThe Dynamite Twins: Life in Critterton
The Dynamite Twins
Dynamite Twins.png
Author(s) Jordann William Edwards
Genre Comedy, action, fantasy, surreal humor, adult

The Dynamite Twins and Friends is a media franchise and shared fictional universe created by Jordann William Edwards. It consists of three individual franchises: The Dynamite Twins, Dragon Mages, and Fae of Avalon.

The Dynamite Twins focuses on a pair of twin foxes with supernatural abilities, and depicts them hanging out with their friends.


The concept for the Twins was created back in 2008. Edwards stated that he was heavily inspired by Crash Bandicoot, as well as various 80s and 90s memorabilia. Much of the characters he creates are based on the people around him. Musically, he was influenced by hip hop, R&B, country, EDM, and punk.[1]

Later on, Edwards expanded the world these characters inhabit, creating a kid-friendly sister series, called Bunny and Bear.

Recently, he's formed a story group called Critterton Concepts, where he and other creative people work to create new stories for the Twins. Around that time, he's also emphasized the supernatural/mythological aspects.


The main six[edit]

  • Jackson "Jacqui" Coleman is a red fox, and is Maxie's twin brother. He is a "fire elemental".
  • Maxwell "Maxie" Coleman is a red fox, and is Jacqui's twin brother. He is a "water elemental".
  • Rodger Memphis Mouse is a mouse who is the Twins' "best friend". He is a notorious pickup artist and is very perverted.
  • Shirley Marie Squirrel is the Twins' neighbour and close friend. A flying squirrel, she looks towards the brighter side of things.
  • Carmine Reindeer is a reindeer who runs a bar/nightclub in Critterton. She considers herself an "ethical slut" and a "team mom" to the rest of the five.
  • Blackmask is a cat from Oakland who works at Carmine's Club. She's best described as a "slutty big sister" to the Twins. She was created by Craig Black, but he and Edwards were discussing an alternative backstory as the former was winding down his own story.

Major characters[edit]

  • Derek Bremmer is a young Labrador Retriever and a good friend of Maxie. He works as a police officer for the Critterton police department.
  • Ritchie Q. Muttley is a mutt from the East Coast who's a bit of a nerd. He's also a homosexual.
  • Moonzie is a mysterious merfox who is a surrogate sister to the Twins.
  • Sedrik the Mutt is the resident DJ at Carmine's Club. He's also a member of PurpleSkies and formerly worked with the Field Marshals.

Minor characters[edit]

  • Shamrock is a dog from Dublin. She loves the arts and is a bit of a naturalist.
  • Terri Lepori is a bunny from Italy who is pretty athletic.

Critterton Concepts[edit]

Critterton Concepts is a team of writers, illustrators, and producers who develop stories for the franchise. Its members include:

The franchise[edit]

The world of TDT has expanded into a universe of connected stories. The Dynamite Twins alone consists of:

  • Brotherhood Legacy trilogy
  • Life in Critterton
  • TDT Legends
  • Nightmare in Critterton


  • PurpleSkies
  • Critter Girlz
  • Sedrik the Mutt
  • Field Marshals
  • Angel Slasher



Music plays a vital role in the TDT world. The following musical acts were created specifically for the franchise.


PurpleSkies is a six-piece band consisting of the Twins, Shirley, Blackmask, Rodger, and Sedrik the Mutt.

The Field Marshals[edit]

The Field Marshals were a Punk/Metal/Rapcore band from San Francisco. After the death of their co-founder, the band went their separate ways. Its members were:

  • East Bay Jay is a cat and the lead singer/lead guitarist for the band. He was also the biological father of Blackmask.
  • Killa Keith is a buff panther, and the co-vocalist/bassist for the band. He was originally from Los Angeles.
  • Terry is a German Shepherd and the band's rhythm guitarist. He is the youngest member of the band.
  • Bobby is a Fennec Fox and the drummer. She is the only female member.

Criticism and changes in story[edit]

Beginning in late 2014 and early 2015, the comic began getting heavily criticized, claiming that it has the trappings of a bad webcomic. Reviews on stated that "the character designs were lazy and look alike", that the comic "relies too much on lazy pop culture/internet meme references, and the creator has bad taste in music."

In 2017, after being slammed by some of his friends because of the aforementioned forum, Jordann Edwards began to rewrite the entire franchise to make his work more original and the characters well rounded. This culminated in a reboot that coincides with a milestone - 2018 marks ten years since the concept's creation. The first story that would have been released in this new era is entitled My House is Your House, co-written by Craig Black, creator of Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart. Edwards has also been getting occasional help from his longtime friend and fellow cartoonist, Jacob Elmer, on developing new characters and new stories.

After much reflection, Edwards decided to start from scratch, redeveloping storylines and typing up outlines for other authors willing to tackle them. He has been raising funds for a film project based on his Brotherhood Legacy concept.


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