The Dreamland Chronicles

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The Dreamland Chronicles
Author(s) Scott Christian Sava
Update schedule Completed
Launch date January 5, 2006
End Date September 7, 2017
Genre Fantasy
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The Dreamland Chronicles is a 3D computer-generated fantasy webcomic created by Scott Christian Sava, which first began on January 5, 2006.[1] Due to equipment problems, the webcomic was finshed in 2D cartoon style for Chapter 21 (beginning with page 1765) with the help of artist Tracy Bailey.[2] The first 67 pages of Chapter 21 were able to be finished in 3D CGI by Sava, which can currently be viewed on his Dropbox site.[3] The Dreamland Chronicles was completed on September 7, 2017.[4]

Seven volumes of the webcomic have been published so far in limited edition book form by IDW Publishing and Blue Dream Studios between 2006 and 2013.[5]



  • Alex, a human
  • Nastajia, an elf princess
  • Paddington, a rock giant
  • Kiwi, a fairy
  • Felicity, a catgirl
  • King Nicodemus, an evil dragon
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