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Dragoneer's Murasadramon character, as drawn by Bo-Gilliam.

Dragoneer, formally The Dragoneer (real name Sean P. Piche; born March 25, 1980),[1] is an artist primarily known for his Digimon-themed artwork. His style leans towards mature and adult imagery, preferring to keep his clean artwork separate from the fandom. His images generally feature characters of draconic or reptilian nature. He was married to Sciggles[when?] before they separated around April 2016.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Preyfar, as drawn by Kerberos.

Dragoneer is also on the Northeast Anthropomorphic Association board of directors, where he helped to organize and run the FA: United convention when it was in operation.

Fur Affinity[edit]

Dragoneer is the owner of Ferrox Art, LLC, which operated Fur Affinity from 2007 to 2015. Dragoneer joined the site in 2005 roughly two months before its untimely demise. Having fallen in love with the community, he worked with then-owner Alkora to help bring the site back online. He was appointed lead admin upon the site's return and eventually went on to take full ownership of Fur Affinity in October 2007,[3] purchasing the site out-of-pocket for $2,500.[citation needed]

Dragoneer now serves as Fur Affinity's community manager for IMVU, FA new holders.


  • Murasadramon - Murasadramon is a purple and orange Data-type Digimon. His species is primarily a hybrid of Guilmon and Exveemon combined. (Although it does seem to resemble Monodramon a lot) In battle, Murasadramon uses plasma- and electrical-based attacks, preferring melee combat to long range. The character is sometimes drawn in an alternative Digivolution which sports black armor and leather straps.
  • Preyfar - Preyfar is a hyena, primarily grey in color with a blue to purple tint to his coat. A pair of welding goggles accompany his rivet-head style of dress, the eyewear his most notable trademark appearance. He's usually seen wearing a fishnet shirt, pants with orange racing stripes and a custom pair of toe-less leather footwear.

His other characters are Eel, Siodan and Kradramon.


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