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The Donutsh are a five-piece indie punk band based in London, England, which formed in 2007. All five members of the band are active in the furry community, and the band has performed at furry events such as ConFuzzled 2011[1]. The band's songs often contain references to the furry world, or to topics and tropes popular within it. The Donutsh gig regularly on the London music scene; furs are not infrequently seen among their audience.


The Donutsh. Left to right: Shazomei, Klepsydra, Ullan, Camrath, Blacksnip

The band's lineup is:


All the group's material is composed by its members in various combinations. Their songs tend to be notable for a heavy lyrical focus, involving wordplay and sometimes convoluted rhymes and the use of longer and more obscure words than are usual for music of this kind. The Donutsh have labelled this style "Garoucore", although the label is not a wholly serious one.


The genre takes its name from GarouMUSH, a MUSH based around the World of Darkness storyteller games[2] which the three founder members (Camrath, Klepsydra and Ullan) were very active on at the time of the band's creation.

Camrath has been known to regularly brag about them being 'The best Garoucore band in the world', often neglecting that they are in fact the ONLY Garoucore band in the world. However with one of the band's early videos being picked up and rehosted by the NME's website and listed under that genre, a certain level of legitimacy has been provided.


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