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The Den MUCK is a social and role-playing MUCK (running on TinyMUCK) with an age-restricted adult side.


The Muck originally started out as WizardMUCK and was started by Charity. It later became The Den, with all of the original content of WizardMUCK included along with the new content. The Muck was run as such until mid-2010, at which point it was decided to close down the Muck. However Squirrelly, the main coder Wizard since WizardMUCK, offered to take it over and host it on his own server, and at which point it was turned over to him. It has been running on the new server since September 2010.


  • Squirrelly - New server operator and Muck Owner
  • Charity - Silly-server-coder-bat-bat
  • Daerkannon - Transportation/Building/Q & A
  • Frog - Toading and IdleDesting
  • Goddess - Muck Owner
  • Ice - Retired
  • Kris - Creation of cool things
  • Mystique - MUF wizardress, minor MPI, Bui
  • Sitewiz - Muck Rebooter
  • Stargazer - Newbie helper/Welcome Wagon


  • Daerkannon
  • Ekena - Building, Guests and RP
  • Kevik - General assistance 'n gopher
  • MaiLing - Helping newbies setup shop
  • Tatianna - Player Relations/ Some Building
  • Thomas - Gen. Asst.; Building; Newbies
  • TransFan - Locating people and places.

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