The Dealers Den

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The Dealers Den
Author(s) Website founder: Sinabu
Telegram founder: Vitai Slade
Owner: Pax Ferit Novo
Status Active
Launch date October 2nd, 2009
Genre Multi-platform sales Network
Logo, ca. 2010.
Logo, 2009.

The Dealers Den is a prominent online marketplace and sales platform catering to the furry community, known for providing a platform for artists to sell their of furry-related merchandise, artwork, and commissions, ever since the Website '' was founded by Sinabu on October 2nd, 2009. The platform's name is inspired by the familiar Dealers Den found at furry conventions, where artists and creators showcase and sell their artwork and crafts.

On February 3rd, 2016, Vitai Slade founded The Dealers Den (Telegram group). Initially it was unrelated to the website, but also served as a sales-platform for artists in the community. The Website Platform '' was purchased from Sinabu by Vitai for an undisclosed amount on January 2nd, 2018 thus expanding to include the Telegram group and later a Discord server.

In January 2017, Pax Ferit Novo joined The Dealers Den team. Pax has contributed to The Dealers Den Telegram Network's growth and its position as a significant marketplace for the furry community. In June 2023, Pax assumed ownership of The Dealers Den Network, taking over from Vitai.

The Website Platform is still hosted by web host Anubianhost, which is owned and run by Sinabu.

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