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Conner Himself

Conner Lupindo Hemming, (IRL name Zachary Scott White)[1] also known as ShadowConner, ConnerFirehawk, KaneSmith, Canidane Foxclaw, StrawberryPawz,[2] MacroFurry, Chronic Vil Megedagik,[2] and Corgifox,[2] is a brown and tan folf (fox/wolf hybrid) with red hair, golden eyes and two gold earrings. He also writes short stores about himself as a "hemming", his self-created species. [3] [4] [5] He is the owner of a Minecraft server called the Insuedo Region.[citation needed]


[edit] Chronic Megedagik

A deviantART account with the username "ChronicMegedagik" is suspected of being Connor. The account was deactivated by July 2012.[6]

[edit] Controversy

[edit] Furaffinity bans

Conner has had a record history of being banned from Fur Affinity multiple times, as well as attempts to evade his ban. Examples of these said accounts include ConnerHemming,Shadowconner, Cobaltlecreed, Connerhemming16, ConnerLupindo, Kumoriconner, Macrofurry, Canidane, BlacierReiwinn [7] [8] Farrahavon, DJBlazingFire, TheLastWerewolf, TinytheFolf, iconner, officialcvm Also an account being the mate of conner. ShaylaAyame also known as AyameHemming

He claims he was banned by Dragoneer for adding art to his favorites.[9] However, many of his bans were for harassment, stalking, and threats to other users on Fur Affnity. [10] [11] [12] It has also been known[citation needed] that he antagonizes artists such as PawstheFox.[13]

Recently[when?] he was suspended again for evasion on two accounts; one of those said accounts was Eamane the new mate of conner hemming [14] Which led to this reply on Dragoneer's deviantART page.Conner Remark On May 12 He made the Eamane account on the FA Forums to post a thread on the Insuendo Region Minecraft Server. [15] It did not take long for someone on the forums[who?] to discover they were the same person, prompting to a swift ban from the furaffnity forums.[16]

[edit] The Deadly Wolves and copyright infringement

Conner also uses The Deadly Wolves, previously known as Deadly Wolves Pack[17][18]. The band members, which were made up by Zach, were Conner himself, Fera Hemming, Waya Hemming, Kane Smith, and Ayame Hemming. However, this has been known to be false, considering many claims that he represents others' work as his own with out giving credit.[citation needed] A few incidents of this included taking other artists artwork to using as covers or promotional material to promote his band.[19][20] The actual artwork of the cover is Rough Beauty by Fluke. As well as ripping off songs from other music artists.[citation needed] An incident of this ended up having said songs being taken down as said on The Deadly Wolves band Fur Affnity page.[21] Another relation to this would be TheHemmings an account which was created to be a similar band to The Deadly Wolves.[22]

On April 2011, two Second Life videos that were posted on YouTube called “Sit Close”[23], and “Whatever works for you”.[24] from his band The Deadly Wolves on his main YouTube account Conner Hemming. Eventually it was discovered quickly from several YouTube users that the lyrics were actually two stolen tracks called “Consider This”, and “Sounds of a crowded room from the album Say Hello by the band Born without Bones.[25] This led to his main YouTube account, as well as one of his alt account, Macrofurry being terminated from multiple third-party notifications including one from On April 4, 2011, a DA journal was posted by Conner himself, explaining it as a YouTube glitch.[26] On April 5th, he posted another journal claiming his YouTube page was locked for 24 hours. [27] On April 25th he posted a journal entitled Macrofurry Returns [28] showing that his Macrofurry account may be restored but so far the account name is still terminated.

Also factual is many accounts mentioning, or associating The Deadly Wolves which would include ConnerFirehawk, and Shadowconner. But sockpuppets he made of his band members. FeraHemming,WayaHemming, and KaneSmith which were also banned. Other accounts that supported the band would be Jeboaman [29]

[edit] Artists Beware

On January 26, 2013, a posting was made on the   artists-beware community on LiveJournal, stating that Conner (as Chronic Megedagik) had accepted money for an artwork commission. He then allegedly reneged on the deal, saying "it was canceled because you keep pestering me i told you my health comes first don't even try getting a refund, I closed my paypal long ago".[2]

[edit] Furry News Network Interview

On September 7 Conner was interviewed on Furry News Network [30] showing his opinion on the furry fandom which eventually lead to a comment made by Fayroe. this news interview eventually led to a discussion on FurCast. [31] [32]

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