The Class Menagerie

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The Class Menagerie
Brad, Mikey, Cindy and Kevin
Author(s) Vince Suzukawa
Update schedule Completed
Launch date 1999
End Date  ?

The Class Menagerie is a furry webcomic written and illustrated by Vince Suzukawa. The series ran for four years on Keenspot and ended in 2002, though the website continues to run reruns as classic TCM. The story is a college life comedy with a developed background story. Most installments are in a traditional comic style, but deeper and more serious story arcs unfold towards the end, which make TCM a drama as well as a comedy.

TCM takes place on the third floor of Richter Hall in Redwood Dorm at fictional DeMontfort University in California. It centers around the lives of nine university students who live in the rooms of this floor.

The furry fandom is the comic's primary audience. TCM and its characters continue to be popular, years after the series finished.

The name is a play on The Glass Menagerie, a play by Tennessee Williams.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


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DeMontfort University[edit]

DeMontfort University is a fictional university set in California, and the setting of The Class Menagerie and i.s.o. The fictional characters in both stories are enrolled at the university and live in its dormitories.

Characters from The Suburban Jungle have also been depicted as attending DeMontfort University.

The central location of the stories on campus is Richter Hall, a building at the university's Redwood Dorm where most of the main characters live.

There is a real De Montfort University in the United Kingdom.

Richter Hall[edit]

Richter Hall is a building at Redwood Dorm on campus. The building was sarcastically named by the author in reference to the Richter magnitude scale.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Originally a five-story building, the top two floors and much of the third floor of Richter Hall were destroyed in an accident years earlier, explained as the result of an earthquake. The remaining parts of the building were salvaged and repaired, and it continued to function as a dormitory.

However, Richter Hall has a reputation of being one of the least desirable dorms on campus, and is usually the last on-campus living space to be filled.

The first floor is all-male, and is the setting of i.s.o. The second floor is all-female, and includes the women's bathroom. The remains of the third floor are co-ed, including a men's bathroom and the living spaces of all the main characters of The Class Menagerie. The destroyed portion of the third floor has no ceiling and is effectively the roof above the second floor.

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