The Carpathia Project

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The Carpathia project was experimental attempt by artist Kobus and others to create a quality, professional, online furry art gallery by "draw(ing) away all of Yerf's best talent."

The project never came to fruition.


The demise of Carpathia was explained in Yerf's "Yerf.yap" newsgroup by fellow artist, Betty Roget as such:

The Carpathia Project
Because Mr. Windstrup decided it was an utter waste of his time -- pearls before swine and all of that -- however the code will be donated to another type of media site. Sonny's got better things to do than try to save (or destroy) Furry fandom. After seeing Furry hit the Vanity Fair iceberg, he is content to just watch S.S. Furry break in half and slip beneath the cold arctic waters. Why you so worried about what projects Sonny pursues anyway?
The Carpathia Project
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