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The Burrows is a now-defunct furry sharehouse in Arana Hills, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It was re-named in early 2008 when a large amount of furs from "The Den" sharehouse moved in and the previous housemates vacated to other areas.


The Burrows was officially named 10th July 2007.

Originally it started with KibaWolf as the only fur, but as more non-furs moved out and furries took their places, it finally became a fur house. Icirus first moved in with Shade, and soon suggested FoxofFire move in and fill up another empty room. As FoxofFire was moving in, Neox stayed with him for a few nights and liked the house so much he ended up moving in. In that time, another non-fur moved in and, learning about the other house-mates, soon became fur-friendly.

Mandy was one of the orignal house-mates in the house with Kiba, and didn't mind any of the furs moving in as she was also fur-friendly.

As well as being the only two non-furs in the house, Mandy and Al are also the only straight people in The Burrows and are sometimes referred to as the "breeders" or the "pets" of the furs, all in play and fun.

Mandy moved out at the start of 2008 due to her new boyfriend.

Moreth moved to Sydney, FoxofFire moved into "The Cave", Neox, icirus and Shade moved elsewhere. Al still resides in the house.

Party Time?[edit]

The question of "Party time?" was a regular question asked around The Burrows and the resulting parties are mostly spontaneous and unplanned, save for outings to get dinner from local restaurants. One time, the residents of The Burrows decided going to Night Owl down the road for snacks which quickly turned into going down there dressed up in 70's style, which then turned into walking around that area dressed like that for the evening and on the way home a trip to the bottle shop somehow happened and the rest of the night was pool, drinks, poker and "spin-the-bottle/truth-or-dare."

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