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Cover of The Burrow #1.

The Burrow was a digest-sized fanzine that was published by 'akbar Press.[1] It presented artwork and poems from the artists and writers who frequented HoneyBadger's Burrow on FurryMUCK. The primary focus was on the furs who hung out in the burrow, and the sometimes bizarre events that occurred there.[1]

Issue 1[edit]

Issue #1 had 36 pages, containing three poems and twenty-nine pictures.[1] The featured artists included R. E. Dye, Jerome Dunham, Robert Menard, Wendy Rice, Allan Kemp, Joseph Nebus, David Piccola, Jack Furlong, Jay P. Mallory, and John Siemer. The published poems were by Loqu and Raster.

Issue 2[edit]

Issue #2 also had 36 pages. and contained seventeen pictures, a four-page comic, three poems, two songs, and a six-page text story.[1] The featured artists included Po Shan Cheah (of Limpidity fame), David Piccola, Joseph Nebus, R.E. Dye, Jerome Dunham, Christopher Thomas, Joel Butler, and Rain Simpson. The poems were by Loqu, Enalios, and Darkcure, and the story by Scott Brouillette.


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