The Bug Pond

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The Bug Pond
Author(s) Jasmine Coté
Update schedule Fridays
Launch date September 7, 2013[1]
End Date Hiatus
Genre Adventure, slice-of-life, humour
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The Bug Pond is a webcomic by Jasmine Coté (also known as Momo). It chronicles the adventures and day-to-day lives of many of the anthropomorphic bugs who live around a pond.


The characters in The Bug Pond include:[2]

  • Dart, a dragonfly. He helps guard the pond.
  • Fang, a large red damselfly. She is training to be a pond guard.
  • Eldwin, an earwig. Gentle and kind, he likes collecting rocks and taking walks.
  • Silver Flash, a silverfish. He thinks he is the coolest bug in the pond.
  • Kid Katydid, a katydid. She is a drifter who wants to save helpless bugs from predators.
  • Totter Tate, a jumping spider. Jittery and excitable, he tags along with Kid.
  • Leodegrance, a white spot assassin bug. He is fearless and enjoys adventure and being a hero.
  • Kaylie, a carpenter ant. One of many worker ants in her colony, she is peppy, outgoing, and devoted to her queen.
  • Thorn Hoppers, little treehoppers who look like thorns. They are all part of a bug police force.
  • Fireflies. The fireflies are fun-loving and happy bugs, who believe the Sun and Moon are their king and queen.
  • Rowby, a diving beetle. He ferries other bugs across the pond.
  • Raspberry, a potato bug. She runs a juice bar/restaurant.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Ever since she was a child, Jasmine thought that all kinds of insects were fascinating and cute.[3] She combined her interest in insects with her skills as an aspiring cartoonist, comic artist, and character designer, and The Bug Pond was the result.


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