The Boy Next Door

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The Boy Next Door
Author(s) Angyl Roper
Update schedule On hiatus or dead
End Date Late 2010

The Boy Next Door (abbreviated to TBND) was a webcomic created by Angyl Roper. Book one and two of The Boy Next Door are available in print from FurPlanet. Book three was in progress, with the official update frequency being fortnightly (once every two weeks). However, the comic went on hiatus in late 2010[1] and its website has since vanished.

Book two of The Boy Next Door was operated “on a fan voting basis”[2] with the polls being posted to the TBND LiveJournal community (that LJ deleted in 2009 November).


  • Tom Potts, an optimistic Thomson's Gazelle[3] who is a neighbour of Jack.
  • Jack Canis, a semi-closeted gay youth living with his homophobic mother.
  • Jacqueline Canis, mother of Jack.
  • Giselle "Glitterati" Moore, best friend of Tom.


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