The Anthro Lounge

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The Anthro Lounge
Author(s) Owners: DarkWolfBlade, Shaval
  • Site Founder: DarkWolfBlade
  • Lead Admin: Riznir
Launch date August 23rd, 2007
End date May 14th, 2011
Genre Multimedia archive

The Anthro Lounge was a furry community site. Originally founded in Further Confusion 07 by DarkWolfBlade and Shaval to teach the public, on an international scale, about the community and the hobbies that the Furry/Scaly/Feathered community enjoys. The website originally had its roots in a Starbucks coffee shop while taking a break from the convention, starting a so-called revolution with one large paw forward for the fandom. During the website development, The Anthro Lounge became a part of GaiaOnline as a temporary base with a guild in April 2009, and started to teach people about the fandom before April 2010, when the website decided to become independent.

It was a safe website for the general furry community and for concerned parents that were looking for a good place to stay clear of anti-furs and other trolls. The Administration didn't seem to mind talking to the members and participating in the event activities.

However, the website shut down on May 14th, 2010, due to the lack of activity from the members and supporting funds by DarkWolfBlade.