The Adventures of Captain Jack

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Cover of issue #1, with Captain Jack posing

The Adventures of Captain Jack is a funny animal comic book created by animator Mike Kazaleh, and published by Fantagraphics Books. It about the misadventures of a shady private starship captain, and his misfit crew.

The series was enhanced by Kazelah's smooth, animation-influenced artwork, reminiscent in style to that of Chuck Jones.

It has been collected as The Collected Captain Jack and More Collected Adventures of Captain Jack, both from MU Press.


The crew's adventures have included encounters with a crazy wizard and his giant pinball machine, the farm planet of Janet's father, Herman's near-death experience (where God is shown to actually be the almighty dollar), the attempted rescue of lost astronaut Stanley Tomcat (who doesn't want to be rescued), a planet of TV-hating housewives, and more.


The comic's characters include Captain Jack, the self-assured, gray-furred cat captain of the starship Glass Onion; Herman Feldman, crewmember dog (who actually likes "space food"); Beezlebub (sic), Herman's tiny, demonic sidekick (who is invisible to the rest of the cast); and Adam Fink, an android dog who usually gets stuck with the heavy lifting. Later, they are joined by Janet (a raccoon), a farmer's daughter who falls in love with Herman, and vice versa.

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